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Bullet Force


155 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 4.2




Lucas Wilde

Bullet Force Information:

Fans of the team shooter Counter-Strike and other similar games should like First-Person Shooter Android game with unsurpassed graphic effects, a considerable number of characters and game locations. You can go online or create your own game, and then will run and shoot opponents.

Do you like to play online action games in which a large number of players are allowed, this toy is similar, it will provide an opportunity to play in a team or to test their strength in the company mode. Going into multiplayer mode, the user is given a chance to choose one of several game styles: capture the flag, team battle and for himself. It does not matter what style you chose, you can connect a few dozen players.

Get a lot of fun and impressive sensations from Bullet Force in the first person, which will be remembered for a long time. Move around a huge game location and destroy your opponents, all this will help you locator. However, do not rely heavily on this device, in some cases, an armed opponent can sneak up from the rear and you will fall under a queue of deadly bullets.

The game has an incredibly huge Arsenal of weapons, but first in your hands will be only a simple automatic weapon.

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