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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


182 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 7.0




Rockstar Game

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Information:

Finally gamers waited for the release of the most popular car action Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which appeared on The Android OS, created by several gaming companies-War Drum and Rockstar Games. Initially, the video game was released in 2004 for Sony PlayStation 2 consoles and only at the end of 2013 the game was adapted to mobile devices.

The story begins with the main character Carl Johnson, who decides to return to his hometown of Los Santos. He had been away from home for about six years, and had come to this place because he had learned that all the members of his family were dead. Parents and blood brother was brutally killed for his absence on the district there were many dashing deeds.

Not having time to leave the plane Johnson has to go on the run, because the local corrupt police hung on the guy "hanging" and the young man is forced to ask for help from old comrades who have the same car problems that Carl can easily solve.

As in most series of multiplatform games gamers are given the choice to perform a variety of missions or bloody fun, arranging a real mess on the streets of a troubled city. GTA San Andreas is not a simple standardized action, and a collection of almost all well-known game genres, where you have to travel at lightning speed through the streets of the crime city on steep fast cars and sportbike, to fly rotary-wing aircraft and planes, steal cars repeatedly engage in a bloody shootout, a unique romantic date, filled with warm loving atmosphere, to replenish health, and improve the physical capabilities of the character. There are more than ten exciting mini-games where the player will be able to demonstrate their mental abilities.

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