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LIMBO Information:

LIMBO - a fascinating platformer, having a whole car of various intricate puzzles that gamers will solve throughout the gameplay. The beginning of the game is this: your character regains consciousness, lying on a strange grassy glade - everything around is gloomy, and only faint gleams of light illuminate the road a little.

Gamers are forced to embark on a dangerous adventure, trying to find the missing sister. The game is stunning with its chilling atmosphere and mythical, not counting dark graphical effects, music even more to terrify you, behind you hear the sound of the swaying branches from the strong wind, Celestina leaves and extraneous presence of something frightening - all of these events to the max immerse you in the gaming world, escape from which is impossible.

Unfortunately, the game contains few stages, its passage will take about three hours. However, do not expect that the gameplay is so easy, some of the players will not be able to cope even with the original task. Those users who are obsessed with exciting action games, the game may seem boring, but it is at first glance, they should only go through the primary stages, after the passage of which perhaps their opinion will change.

Game controls are unusual, not having a joystick to move your character need to move it in any direction. In each episode you will notice the emergence of new characters, dangerous traps and other various obstacles to be overcome.

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