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MARVEL Contest of Champions


137 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 4.4




Kabam Games, Inc.

MARVEL Contest of Champions Information:

MARVEL Contest of Champions - Supervillain, who calls himself a Collector, was going to triple the kidnapping of all superhero characters with incredible power and unique superpowers, and then imprison them all in giant crystals to collect their own collection of heroes. However, his ill-fated plans become known to other superheroes and cunning villain has a view of is the brainwashing in the prison superhumans to liquidate the remaining handful of humans, which has not had time to mess with your head.

However, even such a simple storyline begins to be forgotten when the original characters appear and a devastating battle erupts. This game can be said to be one of the best fighting games in recent years. Despite that the combat system is not much different from "Injustice", the game makes itself more interesting thanks to a considerable number of superheroes with the most unusual and incredible abilities.

The creators are not even lazy to shove in the Android game characters from the second part of the fantastic movie "Guardians of the Galaxy". Interlock between funny Raccoon and a living tree of few words Groot, and then watch to see who will be the winner.

There is a unique system of pumping levels, it is possible to pump a variety of characteristics of the characters. For example, after a set number of triumphs, gamers will be able to change the heavy-duty armor of Iron man. The game is very entertaining and interesting, most likely it will be able to please any user, lifting his mood.

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