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Math Connect PRO


398 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

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Math Connect PRO Information:

Presented game product is a mathematical puzzle that is able to test the arithmetic abilities of the user.

On the playing space will be a field with circles of different colors, each of which has a certain number. The main goal of the player will be the compilation of the desired number. To do this, you will need to combine the circles of the same color so as to obtain the desired amount. Game Math Connect PRO contains several modes, among which the user can choose the most suitable option. The player will be able to try the option with a time limit, a fixed number of moves and a chain of four digits. All modes are interesting in their own way and are able to captivate the user for a long time. In this game you can not only have fun, but also get a lot of fun. The product has a concise design, which lacks unnecessary details. Ahead of the user waiting for an interesting gameplay that will appeal to fans of these puzzles.

game Features:

  • different modes;
  • concise design;
  • mathematical subjects.

Contact with this project is quite easy, as the management is implemented simple and understandable. This allows any gamer without any delay to start the gameplay.

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