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Mobile Security & Antivirus


407 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 4.0




Mobile Security & Antivirus Information:

This is a useful program that is designed to protect your mobile device on the Android platform.

The application is able to protect the gadget from a variety of virus programs, as well as Trojans. The presented product has a simple and intuitive interface, which can easily understand each user. The owner of the gadget will be able to quickly check the memory of your device for the presence of viral products. In the Mobile Security & Antivirus application, you can do this manually and automatically. You can configure the program so that it checks at a specific time. Among other things, the application has the ability to alert the owner of the gadget information about your location. This is very useful if your tablet or smartphone will be stolen or lost. This approach will provide comprehensive protection of the mobile device. The missing gadget can be blocked so that no one can get personal information from it.

application Features:

  • virus protection;
  • location alert;
  • manual and automatic check;
  • simple interface.

Using the presented product is extremely simple, so each user can easily deal with it.

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