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435 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 4.0




My Talking Angela Information:

My Talking Angela - quite an interesting video game for Android operating systems, the style of which is similar to "Tamagotchi", created by the famous game developer Outfit7 Limited. This is a sequel to a series of Android games about the clumsy cat Tom, that's just now the creators wanted to use the image of a cute charming stylish cat, which must be cared for, educated and made of it a true Princess. From furry representative of the stronger sex Angela you'll be crystal clear wool, aversion to some foods, and strong love to play a variety of fun games, for this reason, its owner, probably have to spend an incredible amount of turbulent weeks.

In principle, the gamers, establishing this a fun toy for something else, perhaps hope. Apparently, liked by many children, developed in the mid-nineties "Tamagotchi", at the present time experiencing a real transformation, as well as the revival of the former celebrity. With the help of ultra-modern mobile gadgets in the video game includes many new improvements and unique features, in connection with which today this game and other similar Android toys in this series simply broke all records downloads.

Now a virtual pet is not some incomprehensible black and white squares, constantly asking for something, and is considered a true friend in need of education, due care and close attention, which is sure to give a sea of warm impressions. An incredible amount of the latest bright outfits, were added to the personal photographic album, with the possibility of showing your buddies "thousandfold" increased variety of styles, and a large very lofty list of built-in short games.

It often happens that having a few successful pieces, the Creator descends into utter Commerce starting to create and send to the market is not very good product, all of that, it is very upsetting for many confused fans. Thank God, the British multinational Outfit7 is not engaged in such actions. This wonderful toy is considered a real creation, not worse than all the previous parts, and the many millions of active fans who rated it perfectly, put the best estimate, is a real proof of all this.

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