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My Talking Hank


413 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 4.1




My Talking Hank Information:

My Talking Hank - unsurpassed beautiful analogue Tamagotchi, where users will have to take care of a four-legged friend. Initially will be shown the saver, which tells the story of a little white puppy, about how the stork arrived with a basket on a heavenly Peninsula, which was this funny pet.

Players need to closely monitor their demanding pet, because it has not yet reached the desired age and constantly needs care. Feeding, entertaining games, walking, going to the toilet and a good sound sleep - all this is simply necessary for Hank and you have to help him with this.

Favorite hobby cute puppy-photographing assorted animals, for this reason, he always has a camera. Buying and placing a variety of toys may be of interest to the islanders. Numerous photos with all sorts of animals baby saves in a small compact photo album and if you shoot any inhabitant a few dozen times with all sorts of toys, you will be given bonus coins. And coins can appear after the emergence of a new species of animal.

Do not forget about feeding, and the puppy is occasionally possible to amuse something interesting and unusual. At sunset, the little playful hero needs to go to bed, you will be required to bring a virtual pet to the bed to sleep and try to lull. His house is very comfortable, there is all the necessary clothes and other things needed for a comfortable stay. Over time, gamers will notice the emergence of new items and the opening of other land areas that were initially unavailable.

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