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452 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

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My Talking Tom Information:

My Talking Tom - an exciting toy designed for tablets and other mobile phones that support the Android OS, a bit like the good old "Tamagotchi", where you had to take care of virtual Pets, has gained great popularity in the past nineties. The game is more suitable for adolescence, the task of the gamer is to educate and care for a tiny fluffy, and grow out of a cute baby big woolly smart cat. The player must feed, dress up in colorful outfits, furnish everything necessary for his cozy house, and in his spare hours, if not laziness, you can play a fun game.

This creation differs from a simple Tamagotchi reminder system, which is completely absent here, it means that you can take care of the cat in any free days, and not at the moment when your favorite pet wants it. A special system of training your pet cat, the possibility of growing an animal in real time, as well as a joint game with friends who also installed this application program.

The main character is given a few dozen different emotions - anger, joy, fatigue, drowsiness... For all participants of the game are open entertaining mini-games that will not only help pass the time, give strength and good mood, but also to get special bonus coins to buy things for your cheerful good-natured hero. The cat is endowed with the ability to repeat your words, all this is sure to amuse you. There is a special game shop in which it is possible to get interior details and any different clothes for amusing Tom.

There is a character editor, where you can create your own unusual Pets. This video game is not complicated, very clear interface, all options are simplified to a minimum, which makes it possible to immediately plunge into the game world of virtual Pets. Not having an age limit Android game, will love the little kids and older youth. "My talking Tom" is a free application program that supports the Russian language. One has only to play it a few times and you will not be able to tear away from your pocket PC. Turn your cat into a real gentleman.

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