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Pedometer - Step Counter


136 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 2.3





Pedometer - Step Counter Information:

Pedometer - Step Counter - a fee-free application designed to measure your steps, which can always help you take care of your health, while staying in good shape. Application software starts counting the steps of the owner of the Android device and lightning calculate the spent calories, and still be able to determine the speed and time.

Management will not bring much difficulty. Simply click on the "Start" button located on the display and start moving your feet, moreover, your device does not necessarily have to be in your hands, the pedometer will work actively, even if the mobile device is put in your pocket.

The display shows all the data in the form of a special chart. The application program has four sections. You can view a daily, multi-day, weekly, and monthly chart. To view more detailed information, users simply need to touch the graph with their finger and find out the data for a particular moment.

In addition, users are allowed to change the skins of the application software, putting your favorite theme. You can not worry about incorrectly shown data burned calories, to implement this simply have to set the necessary parameters and everything will work smoothly like a clock.

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