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Polaris Office


434 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 4.4




Infraware Inc.

Polaris Office Information:

This program is a package with office applications for mobile devices on Android.

This collection is designed to work with different documents from a mobile gadget. There are all the same features that such utilities have. The user will be able to easily view and edit presentations, documents and table. There are also many different templates to help you work. You can add images immediately after shooting. Application Polaris Office - Word + PDF works with most of the existing formats, also there is support for PDF files. When the utility is launched for the first time, it will scan the memory of the gadget for documents to work. After that, the user will be able to see the result. Among other things, the program has support for all sorts of cloud storage. From them you can instantly download the necessary files. You can search the file system for documents and create folders from them.

game Features:

  • working with different formats;
  • ease of use; cloud storage support.

Creating a new document in this application is very simple. You just have to press a certain button. Then you can assign the document the desired format and put the template.

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