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Russian alphabet for kids


436 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 2.3




Whisper Arts

Russian alphabet for kids Information:

Shimmering like a rainbow of bright saturated colors letters, as well as ease of operation will help your cute kids in a short time to fully learn the alphabet. This is a very useful application that has been repeatedly tested on many children and they without any difficulties coped with the tasks and quickly understood the versatility of the program.

To display the letter you will need to shake your touch mobile phone slightly. Absolutely free variation of this entertaining toy includes a full alphabet with attached to it unique colorful pictures.

The newly made game version will be continuously supplemented with a lot of useful tips, a huge number of bonuses and other interesting features, some of which are: difficult tasks for the development of thought processes, entertaining games with letters and much more.

However, users can now support our awesome project, and to pay the maximum version of the game, which we promise in the future to bring to mind and it will be gradually supplemented with various functions such as: will be more fun games with letters, voice voice alphabet, fun logic games, etc. the App is fully in Russian language, containing beautiful graphic effects and addictive mini-games. If you are happy with this program, then advise your friends Russian alphabet for kids.

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