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Samsung Health


511 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 5.0



Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Health Information:

A quality project developed by world-famous Korean manufacturers of modern smartphones.

The program manages to partially relieve a person from constant checks of his own body. It easily copes with its tasks and does not fail, which has been tested hundreds of thousands of times. From now on, the control of sleep and power will no longer be an obstacle for you. The utility will do for all that is necessary. The use of a modern bracelet or smartwatch increases the functionality of this product. The owner of the smartphone will be informed about the blood sugar level, blood pressure, ambient temperature and other important details. You can also control physical activity by making more movements when the device issues a warning. The software works quite stably, without requiring settings. Updates are performed automatically without interfering with the surveillance process. Samsung Health was the dream of many users, but now it is available to almost everyone.

application Features:

  • User-friendly interface that does not load numerous charts and unnecessary information;
  • Proper optimization of the casting in the direction of the various errors;
  • Nice design;
  • Compatible gadgets;

The software will radically change your idea of the right way of life.

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