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Titanium Backup Pro


5644 Last Modified on Mar 14th, 2020

Android 1.5




Titanium Track

Titanium Backup Pro Information:

Titanium Backup Pro - one of the best applications designed for active work with data backup, which has a unique function of application Manager. Creating backups is the most important function of this application, because in case of any errors or problems, users will always be able to restore damaged information.

Today we can tell users exactly how you are using the application software and how use it to create a backup of a data set, since many of the settings of the mobile device and completing the settings for each app, including save game progress for a full recovery without any problems all the information in one keystroke.

The main menu will show several main tabs: layout, overview and backups. From the very beginning, after opening "Titanium Backup" users will be on the page labeled "Overview", which will show data on the state of the Android device: full access to ROOT-rights, automatic mode of application installation, a special folder that is intended for backup.

In the secondary tab "Backups" will be all the software and your toys recorded on your tablet or phone, necessary for lightning backup.

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