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Heli Attack 3 Hacked

Heli Attack 3 Hacked


472064 Plays Added on Mar 16, 2010
Hack Information:

There's really no need for a hack since the game has lots of cheats you can use. After you create the player click on Players and Cheats. Codes are :

Result Code

Unlocks Bow and arrow - John Rambo
Unlocks Chain gun - Old Faithful
Unlocks Sniper rifle - Its a Jackal
Unlocks Double shotgun - This is my boomstick
Unlocks Guided launcher - Follow the leader
Unlocks Drunken launcher - Moonshine
Unlocks GooGun - Gloop
Unlocks SparkPlug - 9 Volt
Unlocks LaserRifle - Alpha
Unlocks Auto laser rifle - Beta
Unlocks LaserShotgun - Gamma
Unlocks Anytime - I dont have time to bleed
Unlocks Airstrike - Call in artillery
Unlocks All Levels - You are the moon master
Unlocks A-Bomb Launcher - Missile launch detected
Unlocks Soundwaave - Bass in your face
Unlocks Canyon Lands - Aint no mountain high enough
Unlocks Underground Lab - Who rides the wrecking ball
Cute message - iopred
Programmer message - DayDream
Unlocks Flak Cannon - Shrapnel
Unlocks Black Hole Generator - Wash away the rain
Unlocks Amazon Jungle - Ive got jungle fever
Unlocks Bladerang - Australians all let us rejoice

Heli Attack 3 Hacked

Description :

Heli Attack 3 is the latest in this awesome shoot em up series of games. Destroy everything as you fly over jungles, snow covered mountain ranges and other awesome looking backdrops. Buy upgrades for your helicopter with 30 weapons to choose from.




This game is part of a series: Heli Attack

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