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Ninjas Vs Mafia 2: Revenge Hacked

Ninjas Vs Mafia 2: Revenge Hacked


36141 Plays Added on Oct 23, 2010
Hack Information:

Corrupted message has been fixed! All purchases give you money, level up every 5 XP (every battle) and you have unlimited stat points to use after that (assigning stat points doesn't take them away).

Ninjas Vs Mafia 2: Revenge Hacked

Description :

Ludettes best friend has disappeared somewhere in PopRox City and now your mission is to find him or at least find out what has happened to him as you battle the Mafias various weird troops in this action packed turn by turn fighting game.

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Uncharted 4 Playstation 4 Gameplay 1080P ps4Share + 6


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