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July 18, 2014, 3:25 am

Any game that is worth making a sequel for is usually a sure-fire hit, and so we thought it would be good to gather ten of the best sequels that HAG has to offer and put them into one handy dandy list for your gaming pleasure. We searched and searched to find you what we feel are the cream of the sequel crop and wrote the individual write-ups below. We hope you enjoy the games stated, but as always, if you have any input, please leave us some comments at the bottom, as we truly value your comments.


#1 Crush the Castle 2

Everyone love destroying things, especially medieval castles! In an effort to stop the spread of a strange virus, you have been sent to siege and crush the castles that have already been infected. Crush the Castle 2 is a similar format to Angry Birds, but in a more ancient style. Suit up, and let’s smash down those walls!


#2 Duck Life 2

It’s a well-known fact that ducks love crowns, and your awesome little dude of a duck character is no different! You objective is to train up your duck in the 4 main areas and then to enter him into races in the hope that your training was sufficient and he wins. May the beak be with you.


#3 Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport

Working in a mine always seemed to dull… until now! Drive an awesome mining truck through mines. The main objective is to deliver packages to get money at the end of each run, but they are also timed so keep that speed up!


#4 CycloManiacs 2

In this game you'll need to do the most classic of ancient tasks – rescues the poor damsel in distress, who has been kidnapped by Super Villain. You mission, should  you choose to accept it, is to win all the races on different courses around Ninja World to find Super Villain’s lair and rescue the princess.


#5 Linebacker Alley 2

Being a linebacker looks like hard work, but I have to say the rewards look amazing. In this game you get the fame and recognition without having to take a daily pummelling! Catch the throw and run up field, avoiding all the defenders right up until… Touch down!


#6 Feudalism 2

If you consider yourself a leader then this game should be perfect to test your mettle! Choose your character and then work him from leader of a lowly port village to king of all the lands! Move from town to town performing extremely hostile takeovers and kill all who oppose you!


#7 Cobra Squad TD 2

Being the leader of an elite squad of hard-core soldiers is a truly an honour, and one that this game bestows upon you. The goal is to stop the advancing enemies in their tracks by placing squads of soldiers strategically along their route to mow them down before breaking through your lines.


#8 Boxhead 2 Play

No game list would complete without some brain munching destruction! In this game you must defend your ground at all cost from the waves of attacking zombies! There are different areas with numerous tools and obstacles, but the aim remains: KILL ALL ZOMBIES! Happy hunting guy and remember protect you boxy brains at all costs!


# 9 Commando 2

This is a sure-fire HAG office hit! This fast-paced shoot ‘em up is hard to beat and awesome fun. After being air dropped behind enemy lines, the goal is to use all weapons at your disposal to destroy everything in your path and find out who and what this new enemy is. Keep your head down and gun up soldier.


#10 Castaway 2

Being stranded on a desert island sure does sound like an adventure we'd like to get into. That may be why we love this game so much! After waking up on a desert island with no memory of how you got there, the goal is to simply keep moving to explore the island and complete the quests. Not even the mention of a hammock, how rude!


That’s it for the list of our top ten sequels, but you never know, there may even be a sequel to this list of sequels in the future ;) As always, we truly appreciate your feedback, so if you have something to add, please leave us some comments below. See you next time!


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