10 Brilliant Boxing Games

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August 25, 2015, 12:52 pm

We have decided to bring together the best boxing games known to man! Prepare yourselves for a journey through the realms of professional boxing and show the world how true heroes handle themselves in the ring! Come out swinging and pull no punches with this list of fantastic and sometime brutal games!


#1 Boxing Live

See if you have what it takes to become the toughest boxer the world has ever seen! Start by creating your own customised boxer in a style that you think will strike fear into your opponents! When you're ready, it's time to hit the ring and show the other fighters how a true boxer holds his own in the ring, by ducking, bobbing, weaving and knocking out everyone that comes into the ring! Beat them all to become the champion of the world! 


#2 First Boxing

Take your tough dude through the thorough training and then prepare yourself for an epic journey through the ranks of professional boxing! After hitting the punching bag you start by fighting a hard-as-nails lady and then on to challenge the strongest and crazy boxers in the business. Use your fists and fast moves to become the hardest man alive!


#3 World Boxing Tournament

This awesome game is as much about dancing like a butterfly as it is stinging like a bee! Move around the ring quickly and outmaneuver your tricky opponents to get in position and knock them out! Keep dodging and swinging to beat all the challengers and you'll soon earn the coveted belt of champions!  


#4 Golden Glove Boxing

Become a career boxer and run the gauntlet that every professional boxer has to endure! Create a name for yourself by customising your boxer and getting down and dirty in the ring. Control every aspect of your player's life - from his training schedule to what he does on his day off! Take the time to improve his long game and show the world what you can do in the ring with razor sharp punches at lightening speed! 


#5 Smash Boxing

Smash Boxing is a boxing game with a difference - this time you are to a world famous street boxer, fighting for your badass gang's reputation! Select your boxer and then choose which cool gang you want to be with and then get ready for some extreme, all-out bare knuckle boxing action in some nasty areas! Move around the ring quickly to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents, before moving into place and beating the crap out of them! Show no mercy! 


#6 Wild West Boxing Tournament

Back in the day, when the men were men and fought like warriors, the Wild West was a ferocious place where problems were settled with either guns or fists! Test your boxing skills against tough old western dudes, crazy Mexican hombres, Chinese madmen and much more! Travel the Wild West getting into crazy boxing matches with awesome dudes and keep winning to rake in the cash and become the best fighter in the country! 


#7 Naruto Boxing Game

Use your mouse to move the mighty Naruto around the boxing rings to bob and weave through the barrage of lethal punches and then pounce out unexpectedly to launch a flurry of badass punches to wipe out all your opponents! Prove Naruto san's boxing powers are the best by wiping the canvas with all his nasty and powerful boxing opponents! Beat them all to become the best in the known world! 


#8 Boxing

A boxing game with a difference! You goal is to change all the boxing symbols red, with no grey ones left on the board! Understand the shapes and strategically click the symbols to turn them all the cool boxing red in the least tries possible. The fewer clicks you use the more points you'll earn to make you progress through the game quickly!


#9 Hyrule Boxing Challenger

As the name suggests, this is a down to earth, all-in boxing game that pulls no punches! Move your awesome fighter around a 3D ring to dodge, duck, swing and punch your way to victory over any and all challengers! Immerse yourself in the fantastic graphics and box your way to victory and become the world champion at boxing – matched by no one!


#10 Best Boxing Tournament

Show the world who’s the boss of the ring and beat the living hell out of your opponents! Select your fighter from a list of tough looking fellows then hit the ring to test your abilities by winning bouts and progressing through the increasingly difficult matches until you've beat them all and are the number 1 fighter on the planet! Come out swinging and don't let up!


That’s all we have for you today! We hope you're all OK and not too black and blue from all the punches. We sure hope you gave as good as you got! As always, if you have anything to add do leave us some comments below and we'll try to add it to the mix for the next time.


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