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August 28, 2015, 2:58 am

The well-known guys at Playhub have been hard at work releasing pure fire for some time now, and we thought it would be a good time to round up 10 of the best games that they have let loose! Prepare yourselves for an epic journey through the realms of amazing games from the famous Playhub!


#1 Days 2 Die 2: The Other Side

After making it through the first few days of the zombie apocalypse while your family and friends have perished, you have to continue surviving! Join up with your elite team of special forces and fight off wave after wave of evil brain munching zombies! Help your team make it through the hordes of walking dead and you too can survive the apocalypse!


#2 Tequila Zombies 2

Become one of the coolest dudes in a lethal apocalypse of zombies! Cruising through the Mexican desert the chick on the back of your bike turns into a zombie and makes you crash, but you awake to a hot chick sheriff that has saved your ass. Once awake and ready to start killing more brain munchers, you head out for the only thing you need: tequila! Survive through the night by fighting your way through the waves of attacking zombies and consuming loads of tequila!


#3 Dummy Never Fails

Test your shooting skills in the crash testing madness! The goal is to take aim and shoot the dummies around the screen to overcome the crazy obstacles and hit the target boxes in the least shots possible! Use your shots strategically and only shoot when you're sure of the end game because if you want to be rich in points, you have to only fire when absolutely necessary!


#4 Dummy Never Fails 2: Community

Use the totally awesome cannon to shoot the many different crash test dummies around the screen to bounce off the objects and fly through the hazards and hit the tricky target signs at the end of each of the levels. It is tempting to become trigger-happy and blast loads of dummies but take your time and choose your shots to prove you're a true sharp shooter of epic proportions!


#5 Tequila Zombies

Being stuck in the Mexican desert is always going to be tough, but it’s much worse now because there’s a zombie apocalypse going on! Grab your machete and prepare yourself to fight through hordes and hordes of brain dead zombies – all after your brains! Kill zombies to find weapons and if you're really lucky you get hold of some tequila! That Mexican fire water sure does help a crazy zombie killer build up a thirst for blood!


#6 Gunball 2: Emperor's Revenge

Make your way through the nasty emperor’s land to take down all the evil bosses and eventually the big boss, the emperor! Your job is to conquer the entire land and take down the big boss so you can rule the empire in peace! Take your amazing little gunbot character into hostile lands and move around quickly to avoid getting shot while blasting all the attackers to pieces! Keep shooting and you’ll quickly earn money to upgrade weaponry and become a powerful gunbot capable of destroying the emperor!  


#7 Home Run In Berzerk Land

Select your badass batter, take to the platform, aim your shot careful and the smack that fat geek further than any geek has been smacked before! The aim is to hit that big guys as far as you can down the field of danger! If you're good you can take another swing when he comes back to the ground for more, but there are also lots of things that he can hopefully hit along the way to prolong his flight more and keep him in the air forever! Showcase your amazing batting skills to the world and show that geek who’s boss!


#8 Storm Ops 3

Build your army and hone your amazing archery skills to defend your castle from the attacking hordes! Take the time to create a huge and fearsome army and use them to help stop the invaders from overrunning the keep and raping your women! As a badass archer your main task is to shoot arrows at the attackers and stop them to entering the castle grounds at all costs! Take aim and choose your targets wisely to stop the attack!


#9 Gone to the Dogs

Choose your dogs and then get them into training fast! Your goal is to have a fully trained and super fast whippet to enter and win the races to bring home the prize money and upgrade your dogs with more training and loads of helpful rule bending pieces of kit! Train your dogs and let them race against other rapid hounds to see if you can win and become the best dog team the world has ever known.


#10 Delivery Man

Become the delivery man of death! Take the precious cargo and speed through the deserted and desolate towns, using awesome weapons to fight off the hordes of bad guys trying to attack you to and steal the cargo! Keep racing and keep shooting to make it through each of the action-packed levels in one piece and deliver the package! If you do well you can upgrade weaponry and gear at the end of each level so hold tight and you'll soon be rolling in a mean machine, armed to the teeth! 


That's all we have from the mighty Playhub today! We sure hope you've all enjoyed reading about and playing the games as much as we did creating the list! To give us your opinion or even suggestions, don't hesitate to leave some comments below! We do love to hear your thoughts and try to take it all on board! 


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