The Badass Beach Game Roundup

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September 3, 2015, 12:08 pm

In honour of summer ending we thought it would be a good time to round up a bunch of games centered around that mecca of summer destinations: the beach. So, grab some refreshments, relax and get ready for a look around the place where sand meets sea and all the cool people hang about, looking cool and tanned and stuff... We have racing, fighting and general douchebaggery for you!


#1 Douchebag Beach Club

Put in all the hard work and the gym, get tattoos and a tan to become the biggest douchebag the world has ever known! Gain mass for no reason and hit all the different activities in the gym to pump yourself up and help you act like a massive douche. The more of a douchebag you become, the more the chicks will pay interest - and soon you'll be strutting your douche self along the beach like an idiot. 


#2 Beach Crazy

Get in your crazy and awesome beach buggy and prepare yourself to perform the world's most excellent stunts to capture the film and make best selling movies! Be the best stuntman around and crash your buggy through the levels, collecting the bonuses and performing fantastic tricks with rockets and bombs and all manner of other cool things!


#3 Beach Catfight

Help the awesomely beautiful ladies fight it out on the podium with cool weapons! Just off the shore of an amazing beach you select your hot lady to take to the platform and do battle against other equally beautiful opponents to beat them all and become the best and strongest beach bikini fighter on the sand! Make the hot chicks fight - there's nothing cooler than a chick scrap!


#4 Naughty Beach Party

Being at the beach can be boring at times and so it's good to wreak some havoc and cause mischief sometimes! Help the cheeky guy combine the objects to make crazy things happen and play jokes on the other beach goers. Use the things around you to create hilarious outcomes for the unlucky people at the beach trying the best to look really cool.


#5 Beach Defence

Get to the beach, take up arms and start to defend your position at all costs! Use your amazing guns to take aim and blast all of the evil attacking forces to pieces! You need to take down fighter jets, tanks and waves and waves of attacking troops to stop them overrunning your beach and invading your lands! Keep firing to take them all down and prevent them from securing the beach at all costs! 


#6 Johnny Beach Race

Become the badass Johnny Bravo and speed through the beautiful beaches in high-powered races against his mom and girlfriend! Rip up the sands to win the races and amaze the hot chicks with your cool moves and awesome muscles! Winning is important but pulling amazing tricks and keeping the crowds entertained is essential too, so get flexing!


#7 Beach Landing

Secure your beachhead and don’t let the invading forces overrun you and your troops! Defend your beach by firing machine guns, cannons and calling in airstrikes – anything to stop the invaders in their tracks! You'll be bombarded by waves of attacking troops, tanks of different sizes and even aircraft so man your weapons and start firing!


#8 Mario Beach Bike

On your marks, get set, go! Help Mario race his awesome motorbike over the sands to pull amazing tricks and catch all of the bonuses to earn maximum points and amaze the adoring beach crowds! Show the beach goers your badass motocross styles as you fly along the beaches pulling off tricks the world has never even seen before!


#9 Scooby Doo Beach BMX

Help the totally awesome Scooby Doo perform the coolest tricks on his BMX at the fastest speeds known to man! Cycle along the beach extremely fast and pull the tricks you've only ever dreamed of! Shoot off the huge ramps and massive obstacles to do crazy and cool tricks at super speeds to get the high points and impress the hot beach chicks.


#10 Beach Resort

Become a beach entrepreneur and run a successful beach resort and keep your sun-loving customer as happy as can be! Welcome your customers, find out what they want and then serve them up awesome snacks and beach sport activities to keep them happy and coming back for more! Sell food, drinks, flip flops and cool surfboards as quickly as possible and send them away with smiles. Be careful of the drowning swimmers needing help and the evil competitors trying to steal your business and you'll do very well indeed!


That’s all we have for the badass beach roundup! We hope you've all enjoyed this cool list of games as much as we have! Make for the waves and hit the surf because that’s all we have for you guys today!


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