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September 10, 2015, 3:13 pm

With all the talk of awesome kung fu at the moment we thought it would be good to get all Chinese and roundup 10 of the best dragon style games available on the net. Dragon Ball Z plays heavy on this list, obviously, but we have an amazing line up so –prepare yourself for an adventure through the realms of super powerful dragons and badass martial arts!


#1 Dragon Ball Z Devolution New Version

Enter the last rounds of the world’s toughest and most amazing fighting tournament to fight your arch nemesis and wipe the floor with him! Once you’ve become champion you must follow your awesome character on an epic journey through the world of the powerful Dragon Ball Z! Move quickly around the scenes to take out your enemies quickly with your special powers and become the best fighter in the world!


#2 Dragon Ball Z - Power Effect

As a super-cool Dragon Ball Z stickman you must enter the arenas with other awesome stick dudes to beat the crap out of them by using your special powers! Go through the training and learn the moves to become the toughest fighter the world has ever known and destroy your evil opponents!


#3 Dragon Fist 3

Taking a break from the Dragon Ball Z theme, we move swiftly on to test your true kung fu abilities with the amazing Dragon Fist 3. Become a true master of the art of combat and head into the fighting arenas of the world to put your skills to the test and defeat all the opponents! Select the fighter with a style that suits your skills and then fight your way to ancient fame and fortune.


#4 Dragon Ball Z Devolution 1.2

Become the best fighter in the world by entering the toughest fighting tournament around and beating your evil opponent, Piccolo! Fight your way through opponents one-by-one and prove that your skills are superior by performing impossible moves and using secret powers to take down your adversaries in the least time possible!


#5 Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting v 1.7

If you’re feeling restless and want to fight then this is definitely the game for you! Enter the arena and use your special powers to fight opponents and destroy them before they defeat you! Shoot around the screen quickly and fight your challengers to the ground and you will eventually be crowned the best fighter on earth!


#6 Dragon Age Journeys

Your character is the son of a noble who has been sent by King Marics to the old Dwarf city under the mountains, Orzammar. In the ancient and grand city he has stumbled upon a great opportunity and you are sent on an epic mission filled with peril, to meet the men and see if the opportunity is for real. Explore the lands meeting people and fighting anyone who attacks you until you uncover the truth about your dark mission.


#7 Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6

Prepare yourself for an amazing journey as you fight your way through ancient lands and defeat all who oppose you! Move through the different locations and take on the challengers that await you and bring the fight to them! Defeat all of your opponents to become the number one fighter in all the land!


#8 DragonBall Z: Earth Defender

Help the awesome Goku defend earth from his evil enemies! Use Goku’s amazing super powers to take aim and blast all of his enemies back to whence they came! Defend earth’s skies from the aliens and stop them from passing you and invading the planet! The people of earth are counting on you so keep fighting to save them from the invaders!


#9 Dragon Ball Z Village

Embark on an amazing journey with your three ultimate characters, using their special powers to develop your village and vanquish enemies! Create a team and send them to do work in the name of the people! They need to collect wood, stone, gather food, meditate and much more to help create a strong and stable village that can develop the special capsule to level 3 and return to their home planet!


#10 Dragon Age Legends Remix 01

Help the Templar Knight, Ravi, to complete his terrible quest to find and destroy his uncle, Viscount Khedra, who has been possessed by an evil demon. You must search for the ancient artefacts of Evra, the mythical demon hunter to help you in your quest to resist the demon’s powers and save the city of Kaiten! Sprint through the hostile lands and destroy all the demons and beasts you find!


That’s all we have for the amazing dragon game roundup today! We sure hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about and playing the games as much as we have compiling the list. As usual, do leave us some cool comments below so we can see what you guys are thinking. We sure do like to hear from you all.


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