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September 17, 2015, 10:07 am

We have taken the time to search for and round up 10 totally epic games from the HAG archives! Mostly they are about epic wars and battles but there are other themes thrown into the mix too! So, sit back, relax and prepare yourself for an adventure through the archives of epic HAG gaming! 


#1 Epic War 4

The world of Epic War was brought to its knees by the mighty Iron Horse and his army of ruthless and lethal warriors. The world is at an uneasy peace with kingdoms shut down and gates sealed, the soldiers silenced and the people scared. As the mighty Viegraff the Red you must recruit an amazingly strong and loyal army of heroes to rise up, fight the Iron Horse and bring war back to the battle-hungry lands! Fight your way through the different areas to bring the war back to the Iron Horse and defeat his forces! 


#2 Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Your trio of epic heroes was tricked by an ancient sleeping demon and their powers were stripped and they were reduced to mere mortal travellers, with their weapons scattered around the lands. You are tasked with helping the three heroes explore the strange lands to find their weapons and search for the demon to regain their powers, defeat the ancient deity and restore themselves as the rightful keepers of peace and all things awesome! 


#3 Epic War 5

Start by selecting your warrior commander and then embark on a truly amazing and epic quest to bring the war all the way to the Hellsgate to defeat the dark warriors and become the one true ruler of the world of Epic War. Fight your way through the legions of battle-hardened fighters to expand your borders and make it all the way to the fabled Hellsgate and defeat the armies to make your heroes and yourself true rulers of the realm! 


#4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4

After defeating the ancient and evil demon Akron and saving the known world, the heroic trio have become living legends and worshipped by all! The three warriors then took this new-found fame and went around pillaging the towns arguing that they had earned the right to do it, but this quickly made them some powerful enemies. After a sacred jewel has been stolen from your character Ana's homeland, she suspects the robbing trio have stolen it and embarks on an epic mission to track them down and bring them to justice!


#5 Epic War 3

Engross yourself in the truly amazing world of Epic War to embark on an epic adventure to conquer new lands, lay waste to warriors and expand your territories until you rule the entire known world! Build a strong and loyal army and then move to different kingdoms and wipe out their armies to erect your flag above the fortress and conquer the lands as your own! Expand and conquer! 


#6 Epic War 2

Become the warrior commander you have always dreamed of being! Amass a huge army and then march over into new territories to wage war and conquer new lands! Travel the know world bringing the fight to opposing kings by smashing their armies and destroying their castles! Keep pushing to expand your kingdom and keep fighting to crush the enemies' armies and you'll soon be the most powerful ruler the lands of Epic War have ever known! 


#7 Epic Battle Fantasy: Adventure Story

Enter the realms of magic and mystery to take your badass little pirate adventure warrior dude on the most amazing journey the world has ever seen! Start by going through the cool training, hitting the targets, collecting the gold and defeating the bad guys! When ready you must embark on a quest to save the world from certain destruction and become a true hero!


#8 Epic Defense

Your castle lies in the middle of the regions, which is great for trade with the surrounding kingdoms but also makes you a big target for invasion! After the peace treaty that kept your kingdoms from fighting falls apart the kingdoms you trade with are set to attack and invade your lands! Defend your castle at all costs by strategically deploying your troops on the battlefield to confront and wipe out the enemy armies!


#9 Epic War 1

In the first, but no means least of this awesome series you must test your commanding skills to the limit by strategically sending troops into battle to find and destroy your enemies and expand your territories and borders until you rule the entire known world! Become the ultimate ruler of the world of Epic War, and show no mercy to your enemies!


#10 Epic City Builder

Use the cool tools to build the city of your dreams! Starting off small with nothing but wild land, you must build roads and rail lines to intersect between the different areas. You can designate some areas as residential, commercial and even industrial. Just remember you’ll need a good mix of all three to create a harmonious society where people can commute to work and back easily with the systems to power offices, factories and homes all in place and working well!


That’s all the epicness we have for you guys today – and we’re sure you’ll agree there was plenty to go around! It’s been a blast writing and playing games for you guys, as usual! Let us know if there’s anything you’d like added to the mix for next time by just leaving a few comments below!

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