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September 24, 2015, 3:03 pm

The mighty Stick Page Games have been releasing some true classics for years now and we thought it was a good time to round up ten of their best and package them neatly in a cool list for all you awesome guys! So, grab a coffee and prepare yourself for a journey through the archives of totally amazing releases from Stick Page Games.


#1 Stick War 2: Order Empire

Starting strong, we look at the awesomely popular Stick War 2: Order Empire! Use your troops and resources to build an army like the world has never seen before! Send out miners to dig up gold and spend the gold recruiting powerful soldiers to send out to war and fight your opponents! The eventual objective is to defeat your enemies by strategically deploying your troops to conquer their lands and raise your flag above their castle!


#2 Combat Tournament Legends

Prepare yourself for the stickman showdown of the century! Select your ultimate stickman fighting champion, choose where you want to fight and then prepare yourself for mayhem! After being thrust into the arena of death with other lethal stick chaps you must learn the way of kung fu quickly and start fighting your opponents immediately, or face defeat. Get involved and beat the hell out of all the dangerous contenders to become the number 1 fighter!


#3 Electric Man 2

Be an awesome stickman fighter with a difference – you’re electrified and will fry any punk that comes near you! Jump into the training and defeat the robot hologram to prove you are worthy and when you’re ready hit the fighting arena to hone your totally awesome fighting styles by kicking some serious stickman ass! Use the amazing moves to do some of the best fighting moves ever, even going into slow mo mode for extra fighting effect!


#4 Stick Wars

In an ultimate world called Immorta the mighty stickman warriors of the powerful tribes are all constantly at war with each other, fighting to conquer, loot and most of all survive! As the ruler of the weakest nation with no national weapon to behold your people have become a mark and you must use the element of surprise to attack first and destroy the surrounding countries, before they wipe you out! Control the people in your nation by sending out the miner to get gold to help recruit and pay for an immense army that will defeat and conquer all your enemies!


#5 Super Fighters Rampage

Roll into the intense world of amazing and deadly Super Fighters! Start by selecting your badass fighter and then head out into the fighting arena to show the world how a true warrior brings the heat! Fight each of the increasingly powerful opponents, trading blow for blow, kick for kick, until you have defeated all the fighter your world has to offer and you are crowned the best fighter on the planet that there ever was!


#6 Stick Wars 1.3

Help defend your mighty land or Ordor by building a huge and mighty army that can invade and conquer your evil neighbouring countries! Help your nation grow by mining for lots of precious gold to invest in recruiting soldiers and arming them with awesome weapons! When your people are ready, you must prepare for battle and control each of your troops strategically to attack and overwhelm the opposing forces, until you crush their armies and destroy their false idols!


#7 Slush Invaders

The Blue Bad Guys are trying to muscle in on your turf and you have to fight them back to whence they came and generally kick their asses! As the cool Rainbow Gang, you must use the special talents of each of your fighters to bring the fight to the Blue douche bags and whoop them down! Find the evil blue gang members and tag team them with your awesome warriors until you have fought all of them off your turf so they won’t dare come back!


#8 wpnFire

If there’s one thing worse than an world at war it’s a world at war with zombies! Become a true stickman warrior and run through zombie-infested lands eliminating the zombie threat and blasting the other soldiers to pieces too – you never know who has been bitten! Make your way through the levels killing everything and collecting more guns to help you in your quest to kill more, both zombies and humans!


#9 Rage 3

Discover an amazing new world of interesting things, weapons and above all RAGE! After jumping into a strange and angry land you must fly into a rage and start fighting all the evil stick dudes before they kill you! Defeat each new baddie to claim their weapon and continue the intense rage by going on more of a rampage and killing more stickmen! Your goal is to become the angriest stickman the world has ever known! Rage on!


#10 Strollin'

Stuck on the evil platform of death, you have to run and keep running to stay in the shot or you’ll die a horrible death! Run fast and keep running to stay alive, but you’ll need to watch out for the terrain you're running on, because some will make your slide for mile, others will blow you clean into the skies and some will kill you immediately! Use your skill and reflexes to stay alive as long as humanly possible!


That’s all we have for the awesome games roundup today! We sure do hope you enjoyed the offerings from the excellent Stick Page Games! If you do, stay tuned as we are adding lots and lots more games daily and there’s bound to be loads more classics that you’ll love! Until the next time...


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