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October 1, 2015, 1:34 pm

Today we will embark on an epic journey through the amazing world of war and battles! Nothing beats a good battle, what with the energy and fury unleashed, there is nothing that can match it! In the heat of battle anything is possible – from amazing strength to magical powers, so prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime through the best battle games available to man! This is your call to arms!


#1 Ants Battlefield

Become the commander of the most awesome army the world has ever seen! Take control of a tiny but powerful army of skilled fighting ants and wage war on your neighbours, until all your enemies are wiped out and you have conquered the entire garden! Starting with just a small area, you must attack and eliminate your neighbouring forces until you've raised your flag over their land and can move on to expand your empire even further by taking the fight to the next area and waging more war!


#2 Warlords 2: Rise of Demons

In the ancient land of Beneril there are many races all living in harmony, trying their best to keep the peace and thrive. But there is a huge evil looming over the lands and war is coming. A huge race of demons are massing an army like the world has never seen before and they are hell-bent on invading your lands and killing everyone! Choose your allegiance and then take the initiative to bring the war on the demon armies, conquering their lands and eliminating the threat! Recruit and deploy your troops strategically on the battlefield to find and destroy the enemy threat!


#3 Battle Gear

Recruit and train the most powerful army in the world and then take them around the globe to expand the borders of your huge empire until you rule the entire known world! Starting with a meagre force you have to recruit new soldiers and and buy new equipment to help you in your quest for world domination. Choose which area to fight in next and then deploy your troops strategically to confront and take down the opposing forces! Keep moving and fighting to increase your lands and be the only ruler left on the planet!


#4 Battle Mechs

Enter epic battles by controlling the most advanced and powerful fighting robots the world has ever known! Take the controls and use the amazing robots to fight other robots in all-out action duels that only end when one of the fighting bots is destroyed! Take turns and select the most effective moves to eliminate the opposing side before they take you down! You can choose to use the mounted weapon and select which area of your enemy to concentrate on, or even move around to collect the awesome airdropped bonuses that will fix you up, aid defence and much more!


#5 Battle Gear 2

Choose your battlefield and then use specialised gear to wage war in the terrain to take the fight to your enemies and eliminate them before they wipe you out! Fight on the seas, in the jungles and in the air and show your enemies your true might by crushing their defences quickly and dominating the battlefield! Send your special troops and machines out into the field of war to strategically find and obliterate your enemies swiftly! The world cannot deny your prowess in war as you crush your opponents with ease!


#6 Epic Battle Fantasy 3

This awesome game was recently featured in the list of epic games, but it certainly warrants being added to this cool list because of the amazing battle features! After a huge battle left the population of your planet enfeebled and struggling to survive, you must take your epic trio on the most awesome quest the world has ever seen. Ever. After waking a sleeping deity your trio lost their super awesome powers and you must help them discover their powers again and kill the demon they woke. Travel the mystical lands, meeting people and doing battle with all the enemies you find, all in the quest to regain your powers and destroy the demon threat.


#7 Battle Cry

The Tul Kingdom has been at peace for many centuries, ever since the ancient war the decimated the lands. You must become a general in the emperor's army and ready your troops for battle. Recruit new forces constantly and create strong battle formations and when you're ready head out on the battlefield to confront your many enemies! A strong force arranged strategically will be enough to take down armies of trolls, demons and much more! Protect the empire at all costs!


#8 Epic Battle Fantasy 4

In the truly awesome Epic Battle Fantasy 4 your job is to take your 4 heroes on  the quest to end all quests! After defeating Nakron the demon in the previous installment you trio became power mad by looting and pillaging the villages, just because they were living legends and it was totally cool! The people became angry with them and after a sacred jewel goes missing from the village of Greenwood, the young hero Anna decides to take them on! Become the natural and cool Anna and hunt the infamous trio through the lands by easily following the trail of destruction and uncovering the mysteries behind the missing jewel. 


#9 Battle Gear 5

The last in this fast-paced and awesome battle game is no less awesome! Travel the world, meet new people – and kill them! Recruit and command an epic army on the field of battle to search out your enemies and wipe them off the face of the planet with swift efficiency and powerful weapons! Send your men and machines out to fight, using clever strategies to help them defeat your enemies and raise your flag over their lands!


#10 Teelonians: The Clan Wars

There’s one thing the Teelonians like to do and that’s wage mighty war! Become the commander of the great Teelonian army and send your strange troops out onto the battlefield to do your fighting! Recruit warriors, build defences and deploy your soldiers to fend off the nasty invaders and keep your people safe from the attacking hordes! The inhabitants of the mystical world of Teelonia are depending on you to save them from destruction – don’t let them down!


That’s all we have for our balmy battle game round up today! We hope you’ve all enjoyed reading through and, hopefully, playing the excellent titles! If you have any suggestions, requests or even complaints, just leave us some comments in the section below.


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