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October 12, 2015, 9:27 am

Everyone loves a good baby game! They are so cute, cuddly and... mischievous! In honour of all the cheeky babies around the world, we have gathered up 10 of the best baby-related games available on the net and rounded them all up for your gaming pleasure in a crafty little list! Sit back, put your feet up and prepare yourself for a journey through the world of naughty babies and all the craziness that entails!


#1 Naughty Babysitter

Sometimes having a babysitter come to look after your baby brother can be cool, mainly when she turns out to be a super-hot chick! Your goal is to use your smarts and interact with the environment around you to make the beautiful babysitter perform tasks and hopefully remove more items of clothing! Make her kick her boyfriend out, clean up after you and much more to start removing her clothes to brighten up the little dude's day!


#2 Babyzilla Rampage

After watching his huge and cool father go out on a massive rampage to tear up the city, Babyzilla really wanted to go and help him! As the cool and destructive Babyzilla you have to head out into the city to use your big claws to smash the buildings to pieces in the least time possible. Starting from the outskirts of the city, you must make your way downtown smashing up each of the buildings you find one-by-one, until they are nothing but piles of rubble! Keep going until you're crushing big office blocks in the city center! 


#3 Digital Baby Adventure

In a futuristic digital world of crazy creatures and mystical adventures, your job is to take the plucky and cool Digital Baby on an epic quest through a strange and dangerous land to vanquish evil and help good prevail! Run, jump and headbutt through the deadly levels of awesome fun ! Your main goal is to collect all of the priceless crystals, but you will encounter loads of lethal baddies that will have to be defeated too, and you must use your head to beat them down with monster headbutts! 


#4 Naughty Babysitter 2

A day at the park can be a little boring for a young boy, but things can be made more interesting by setting up tricks for the beautiful young babysitter to fall for. If you're a really good trickster you'll eventually get the babysitter to remove some of her clothes! Think about the things around you then interact with them strategically to set up tricks for the hot babysitter to make her fall over, scare her and even remove items of clothing! Happy hunting!


#5 Baby Blimp

After the head stork resigns from his post at the baby factory, the Stork Air Force has lost its way and needs some help getting things back on track! The expectant parents are looking for their beautiful new babies and they cannot be kept waiting any longer! Your job is to help the storks out by making an efficient baby factory and sending the babies out into the world as quickly as you can. Create the newborns, feed them, bathe them and much, much more! Parents of the world are waiting so keep those babies coming!


#6 Baby Mario

In this excellent little game we return to the wonderful and dangerous world of Mario, but this time we are doing so through the eyes of the awesome and mischievous Baby Mario! Run and jump through the miniature world of the fantastic baby of the world-famous plumber to help him find his dad who is frantically searching for him! Use your skill and patience and to make it all the way through the progressively difficult levels and find the Baby Mario's parents before it's too late! 


#7 Basketball Baby

The cool little basketball baby is stuck, stranded away from his daddy and all he needs to do is to get back and be reunited with his dad. Your goal is to help the young basketball through the tricky levels and help him make it all the way back to his dad. To help you in this task all you have is a super-sharp knife! Us the knife to strategically slice the blocks up and make the basketballs come together to solve the puzzles and make the basketball baby happy once again! 


#8 Sling Baby

Babies in slings sure do enjoy flying, but if there's one thing they hate - it's bullies! As an old lady in a wheelchair you must launch the baby at just the right time to make it slingshot off into the distance and travel as far as possible to catch up with the bully and take back the baby's tasty treat! Keep trying to earn more points to upgrade and fly even further than any baby has ever flown before! Fly well and fly true to hit the bouncy springs to take off again and prolong the journey for as long as infantly possible!


#9 Baby Baby Baby

Become the Justin Beiber-like baby delivery dude from HELL! Everyone loves a cool baby born with a full head of hair and your job is to collect all the awesome newborns with a cool Bieber-like haircut and horribly discard all the other babies with no hair! Warning this is not for the faint-hearted, so only play if you're a true no fear gamer with a questionable sense of humour! Move between the delivery lanes, collecting the babies with hair as quickly as you can, without letting any get by you! 


#10 Baby Fish

Your little fish buddies are stuck in their bubbles unable to swim away into their icy water and they desperately need your help to make it home! Get the fish down through the puzzles into the icy water below by strategically removing the blocks of ice that are obstacles preventing them from rolling into the water. Use the mighty hammer to strategically destroy the blocks of ice and help the cool little fish dudes back into the water! The levels start off easy but soon progress into very difficult puzzles indeed, so stick with it and prove your puzzle-solving skills to your friends!


That's all we have for the badass and brilliant baby game roundup today! We sure hope you little cuties have all had an amazing time playing the interesting and even sick games we have for you today! If there are any questions, suggestions or even complaints, do leave us some comments in the section below. As always, we truly value your input. 

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