The Radical Road Game Roundup

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October 15, 2015, 12:41 pm

Today we will take a look at rad road games that cover all aspects of roads – from building them to tearing them up! There is ancient Roman construction, fast-paced racing and of course loads of frenzied zombies to contend with! So, sit back, grab a drink and prepare yourself for an intense journey through the top ten roundup of a lifetime!


#1 Road of the Dead

In this excellent Newgrounds classic, you are stuck in a devastating zombie apocalypse; your city is in quarantine and you must use the tools around you to make it up the highway and out of the city! Customise your badass car to make it zombie proof and then hit the road to speed through the devastated city at high speeds, taking out the zombies and avoiding the burned out cars and other crazy obstacles. After completing each stages and wiping out loads of zombies you'll have points spare to spend on upgrading your equipment to help on the next leg of your deadly journey. 


#2 Roads to Rome

Become a true master of the Roman empire by helping it to expand its borders and reach one road at a time! Starting with just one hardy worker you must construct roads through the wilds of Europe, slowly building your workforce until you have a small army of employees all working away building the best roads the world has ever seen! Starting with humble tools and a single man workforce you must invest time and effort to developing systems and advanced machines to help pave the way to Rome!


#3 Road of the Dead 2

You beautiful Evans City is being ravaged yet again by a strange and unforgiving virus that seems to bring the dead back to life and make them commit random acts of violence and even eat fellow humans. This time you follow the story of 2 lost soldiers, stranded in the zombie-infested city streets desperately trying to drive their way out of the deadly city to safety. Drive a big jeep through the streets, smashing and crashing your way through the infected, and use the other cool soldier to shoot badass guns at any of the zombies that jump on to the car! Keep driving to buy more upgrades to make your vehicle invincible!


#4 Roads of Rome 2

In the second of this fantastic series, you must start your awesome road construction skills up in the misty mountains and bridge awesome gaps to unit Rome with your incredible roads! Begin with a meagre force of just one worker and then slowly build your team until you’ve got an amazing team of eager workers that you can send out around the mountains to build excellent roads and incredible bridges! If you like construction then this is the productive game for you!


#5 Offroaders

From building roads to driving massive off-roading vehicles with huge wheels to tear them up! Start by selecting the monster truck that best suits your style then hop in and hit the track to drive at super-high speeds, amaze the crowds and beat all the other competitors to the finish line. Tear the dirt tracks up, collect as many bonuses as possible and perform fantastic jumps to rack up crazy points and take home the coveted trophies!


#6 Road Wolves

Prove your driving skills by beating the other competitors and gaining the respect of your friends! Race around the desert junkyard as fast as possible to leave the other guys in the dust and crossing the finish line first! After each race you’re able to purchase upgrades to make your car faster and stronger, but if you keep going you’ll soon be able to upgrade to a new car, motorbike and even a... tank! Keep racing and show no mercy to your opponents!


#7 Road of Fury

In the awesome Road of Fury you have one simple objective: Stay alive! Speed along the deadly road in your badass cars, mounted with crazy weapons and blast the living hell out of anything that tries to attack you! Keep blasting your way through cars, motorbikes, helicopters and even trains until you realise you left the iron on at home and must return! After each of the wild stages you must spend a little time upgrading your vehicle to make it a little more badass and then hit the road again for more crazy carnage


#8 Roads of Rome 3

In the third of this great series of games, the mighty Rome has been burned to the ground by a massive volcano! You must once again put your legendary road building skills to the test by helping rebuild the roads of the powerful capital. Starting again with just a single worker the goal is to slowly recruit more workers until your workforce is large enough to take on the task of building the roads of the capital and restoring it to its former glory. Restore Rome to its rightful place as the number 1 city in the world!


#9 Killing Road

Hop on board and take a ride down the awesome and deadly Killing Road! Ride your cool motorbike along the intense road, filled with blood-thirsty zombies and avoid getting your brains eaten! As you control the biker riding, you also control the person on the back with awesome guns and you must blast the zombies to pieces before they get close enough to take a big bite out of your bikers! Cruise the roads on cool bikes, killing zombies with powerful weapons!

#10 Road Of Fury 2

In a post apocalyptic landscape, you must drive your fury-filled prototype proton engine car along the lethal roads to eliminate the threat of the baddies driving cars, snowmobiles, jet packs and much more! Race along the dangerous roads and keep blasting your awesome weapons until you’ve taken out every single one of the bad guys trying to kill you! Play your cards right and after each action-packed level you will be able to upgrade and make yourself even more invincible!


That’s all we have for the Radical Road Game Roundup today! It’s been an absolute blast putting this all together for you guys and, as always, if you have anything to add or suggest don’t hesitate to leave some comments below!


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