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October 23, 2015, 4:49 am

Today we will be exploring the earth, looking for precious minerals - and fights! Join us on an epic journey through the depths of the earth as we head out to discover new things and uncover fantastic valuable minerals. We're all about mining today, looking for the planet's resources deep under the ground, so we sure hope you can dig it ;) Grab a drink, sit back and prepare yourself for a journey into the depths of the galaxy's planets!


#1 Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks

Create your own world and then craft it into your own style by using the cool miner dude to dig deep into the earth and shape the world around him with ease and skill. Help the miner guy smash and dig his way through the fantastic world to find the bonuses and tasty treats buried deep underground and running around freely up above! Be careful not to dig too deeply in a straight line as it may be very tough to dig your way back out again!


#2 Minecraft Tower Defense

The wonderful world of Minecraft is here, but this fantastic variation requires strategic skill to build up defences and stop the zombie invasion in its brain-munching tracks! Start by creating your path to the house, and try to make it long and complicated to increase the zombie kill zone, then when you’re safe in your cool house strategically build your defensive structures along the path of the attacking zombies to wipe them out before they eat your brains!


#3 Mega Miner

Prepare yourself to go deeper and further than you ever have before! The aim of this cool game is to take your tunnelling machine to new and impressive depths in search of precious minerals to sell at market to make your millions! Keep pushing downwards to hit veins of minerals until your hold is full and you have to go sell everything at the market. With the proceeds you can then take your cool machine to the garage to fill up with fuel get it fixed and, of course, buy wicked-cool upgrades to make the tunnelling faster and easier than ever before! Get your dig on!


#4 Minecraft Tower Defense 2

After his newly found home was destroyed by evil minecraft players from another server, your hero Steve finds a dodgy little boat and sails off into the sunset in search of peace, freedom and the good life! He eventually lands on a beautiful desert island and you must start straight away by building yourself a safe haven and tunnelling your way through the deep sand to make complicated routes that the evil baddies will follow to try and take you down. Once you have tunnelled your cool route you then must start setting traps to catch the baddies and take them all down before they reach you in your cozy little safe haven deep in the island. 


#5 Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks Ver 1.25

The incredible Minecraft 2D is back and this time bigger and better than ever before! This time you must start in a world submerged in water and you have to figure out a way to tunnel down without drowning the awesome and cool miner dude. Using his trusty pick, tunnel down into the watery ground to shape his cool world and find tasty treats that will help him remain on the job for as long as possible. One of the problems you face is that going under water limits the light and you will struggle to see anything while you're mining so you must overcome this issue to become a true mining pro! Can you dig it?


#6 Shadez 3 : Moon Miner

After the Earth's resources are all used up you and your badass mining team are sent to the moon to mine for precious minerals to keep mankind thriving down on earth. There is one major problem though... there are already creature on the moon mining for the same minerals! Each level is a different resource-rich area in the lunar landscape and you must set up a mining camp and run it efficiently, and defend it at all costs! When you find an opposing mining camp set up by the aliens you must build up your forces and take the fight to them to wipe them out and steal all their mined materials for your own kind! 


#7 Gold miner two player - (English Version)

Become a crazy old prospector and use an cool grabbing tool to mine deep into the earth and retrieve the precious resources hidden within.Race against a competitor to quickly grab as many of the diamond, gold nuggets and other priceless objects as you can! The one with the most minerals at the end of each levels is the winner! Use skill and patience to send down the grabber at exactly the right time to grab the precious objects and bring them up, but just remember to always keep an eye on the clock! If you do well, stop by the shop after each level to buy cool upgrades and other trinkets! 


#8 Idle Mine

Learn all about the different types of rocks and their toughness in this fantastic game of patience and knowledge. Start by mining for soft minerals and slowly build up your arsenal of powerful pick axes and then move on to mine away at harder minerals, even diamonds! Keep going in this click-happy classic to build your mining empire and soon become a legend in the world of awesome miners! Keep on digging till you reach fame and fortune! 


#9 Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport

Not all mining is done with a pickaxe and hard toil - some folks get to drive awesome vehicles and blast through the underground caverns at high speeds and basically have a crazy-good time! In this classic your goal is to collect the precious cargo from the cool crane and then drive at high speeds through the underground tunnels to take the cargo all the way through to the safety dropoff point. Be mindful of the environment as you move to avoid losing your cargo on a big jump or even knocking out your driver on the roof of a nasty cave! 


#10 Utopian Mining

Take your little mining robot to new amazing depths by tunnelling down, right into the earth's core to search for precious minerals that only the most hardy of mining robots can reach! Keep pushing on until your inventory is full so you can head off to the market to sell the minerals for lots of money to buy more upgrades to enable your cool miner robot to be able to tunnel deeper underground than anyone has ever been before! Keep tunnelling to get money to help the people of the town rebuild after the terrible storm destroyed a lot of their homes. 


That's it for the mental mining roundup today! It's been a great ol' time researching and playing these classic games for you guys, as usual! We sure hope you've all had a blast reading about and hopefully playing the classics that we listed for you today! We'll be back next week with another great installment, so if you have any requests or anything to add at all, just leave us some comments below. 


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