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July 20, 2014, 3:23 pm

For our dedicated gamers out there, more into the long game than just quickly blasting things to pieces and then leaving, this round up of the ten best strategic games on offer at HAG is sure to please you. So, put your thinking cap on and prepare to deploy troops, construct and manage offices, play poker, infect the world with a new strain of virus and much, much more! We hope you enjoy it.


#1 Ants Battlefield

As a kid I remember playing in the yard and doing battle with the ants trying to overrun my toys! Now, with this excellent little strategy game, you can be on the side of an ant army and deploy troops strategically onto the field (garden) of battle!  Prepare yourself for battle and charge!


#2 Hex Empire

Everyone has always wanted to be commander and chief of their own huge army, and that’s why this game is such a sure-fire hit! The aim of the game is to command and conquer all the empires on the board, before they wipe you off the map! Strategically make your moves around the board to gain the upper hand and take over enemy lands. 


#3 Governor of Poker 2

Everyone likes a bit of poker, don’t they? Well, the new governor of your state has banned it, and you need to try your damndest to change the governor’s mind! Roll around the entire state partaking in lots of high stakes poker games to build a fat stack of notes to help change the governor’s opinion! The stakes are high so play strong!


#4 Epic War 4

Demons are often very annoying, not to mention destructive so we here at HAG think it best to KILL THEM ALL! In this epic war between good knights and evil demons you must command your heroes to victory in each and every battle to destroy the Iron Horse and restore balance to the lands.


#5 Kingdom Rush Frontiers

This sequel to Kingdom Rush is no less addictive or fun to play; in fact, it might even well be much better! The graphics and gameplay are an absolute pleasure and combine to create a fantastic gaming experience. You goal is to build structures, deploy and control troops to stop the attacking forces from sacking your castle.


#6 Miragine War

We here at HAG are always up for an epic battle game to get the office crowds cheering, that’s why Miragine War has made it to this list! The goal is to overwhelm and wipe out your enemy on each of the battlefields by deploying different troops strategically to gain the upper hand and destroy their bases.


#7 Corporation Inc.

Everyone wants to try their hand at being a bigwig company boss, hiring and firing people at a whim! That’s why this game is so appealing and has caused quite a stir in the HAG offices. You need to build your own company literally from the ground up and make it either a resounding success or huge flop. Keep on building, the sky’s the limit!


#8 Army of Ages

Don’t you just hate it when aliens crash land on your planet and start trying to take over the running of things? This awesome little game is about fighting alien invaders throughout the ages of human history. Start by building a Stone Age army, then progress to medieval and further, just make sure you kill all of the pesky aliens before moving to the next age of war.


#9 Mud And Blood 2.2.8

With a bird’s-eye view of the battle filed your goal is to call up and command troops to wipe out the German opposition. You have many tools and troops at your disposal but use them strategically to gain a footing and then eliminate the enemy. This is a one of the HAG office favourites, and we hope you love it as much as we do!


#10 Pandemic 2

In terms of game play this one has ‘caught on’ really quickly! The theme of pandemics is actually a big worry in the world today so perhaps some lessons to be learned, or not… The goal of the game is to develop a custom virus and wipe out the world’s population, one continent at a time.


That’s a strategic wrap for today! It’s been great writing for you guys and I hope you've enjoyed the games listed. As always, if you have any input or things you think we should know, leave some comments below. We do love to hear what you guys think!


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