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October 29, 2015, 2:23 am

Everyone loves a decent destruction game! They are always fun-filled, extreme and chocked full of wanton destruction! Strap yourselves in as we take a journey through the world of total destruction by flying into rages, defend ourselves from zombies and much, much more! 


#1 Zone of Destruction

Doz the super geek finds the love of his life, Val. They get together but Val soon gets bored of Doz's love for his super computer and takes the computer to the trash! As the infuriated Doz you must go on a rampage to hunt down the evil computer destroying girlfriend and kill her before your super computer is destroyed! Dig your way into the underground computer destroying facility and start looking for weapons to help you in your quest to hunt down and kill the evil Val! There are plenty of puzzles and other tricks to learn to open doors and find the hidden areas so keep your eyes peeled and shovel sharp! 


#2 Zombies Destruction

In the amazing Zombie Destruction, it has happened - the earth has succumbed the extreme zombie apocalypse and your aim is to defend you and your people from the waves and waves of evil walking dead! From the vantage point above your survivor colony take up arms and use awesome weapons to mow down the attacking zombies before they make through your defences and wipe you and your people out! Zombies are weakest at the head to be sure to aim for their brains to take them down, and one bite from a walker will turn you into a zombie so don't let them anywhere near you! 


#3 Seed of Destruction

This wanton scene of destruction begins with a single - slightly nasty - seed! Your nasty seed of destruction is a huge sperm that you ride through the air and smash into everything around you to take it down and destroy it! Start by simply destroying the human population with your massive and gross flying spunk, but when the army is called in things get hairy (eeew) and you have to pilot the ginormous sperm into helicopters, tanks and much more! Plant your seed of destruction and let is blossom into complete and utter demolition! 


#4 Saucer Destruction 3

Become an awesome alien in an amazing UFO and fly through the skies of a crazy human city causing as much chaos and destruction as you possibly can before the human send in their forces and blast you out of the sky. Speed through the air and use your tractor beam to pick up people and vehicles and take them to high heights before dropping them to the earth and making the explode and die! There is also a crazy pulse cannon that you can use to wreak more havoc! Starting with just civilians you are soon attacked by police then the army and much, much more! 


#5 Tank Attack Destruction

Humankind is under attack from a strange alien life force that has taken over the military bases and is now in control of an army of tanks and all other military equipment that was hooked up to the grid! You must get in your ,lone tank and take the fight to the invaders by blasting the living hell out of anything that moves! This is all-out tank warfare and you'll be in control of your awesome tank and must cruise the country getting into fights with other tanks and basically wreak as much destruction as you can to maximise damage and fight back the invasion!


#6 Army of Destruction

Your planet is under attack from the evil Army of Destruction that descend from the skies and are invading your cities and towns! Your job is to take up arms and fight back the nasty invaders until they've all been destroyed and your race can live in peace and harmony once again. Defend your cities and their walls from the attacking soldiers by using advanced weapons to mow them down one-by-one and save your people from total annihilation!


#7 Mutually Assured Destruction

In the world of the future missiles will rain from the skies as society assures itself that each country will destroy each other mutually! Your task is to stop your city from being destroyed by the rapidly falling nuclear missiles! Starting from the basics you must upgrade your city's defences until your are protected by large force fields and all other tactical way to protect your people. You can then strategically shoot missiles to intercept the ones falling from the skies and save your people from wanton destruction and death! Keep shooting to earn more money to upgrade your missile defence system and increase your chances of saving the city!  


#8 Car Destruction Race

Prepare yourself for a car journey into the record books for maximum destruction! Hop in your motor and speed down the busy city streets smashing the hell out of everything you can see to maximise your rampage and destroy the city! Hit the streets in a wanton rage destroying as much stuff as you possibly can to get the police on your tail and begin the real fun! Don't stop until you've got more points than you know what to do with and have proven to yourself and your friends that you are 'the man'! 


#9 Off-Road Challenge Destruction

get ready for the destructive drive of a lifetime in this all-out manic and crazy game! You are an awesome cop that drives a massive off-road truck and you have to speed through the busy city streets hunting down the bad guys that are speeding away ahead of you in their mental super cars! Once you find your suspects the only thing you can do is ram them off the road and make them crash to apprehend the suspects and then move on to the next high-speed vehicle! Keep going until your city's streets are once again safe for civilians! 


#10 Madness Clay Destruction

Take your little clay warrior dude on an amazing quest to defend his ground at absolutely all costs! Move through the cool levels taking aim and blasting the waves of nasty zombie monsters to pieces before they make it through and eat you! Keep shooting to stay alive until the next wave, and the next wave! After a while you'll notice they monster zombies are mixed with other attackers armed to the teeth and all trying to kill you so stay on your toes grab the weapons upgrades and don't stop shooting until you've got them all! 


That's all we have from the excellent destruction game round up today! It's been an absolute blast researching and playing these classics as usual. Let us know if you have anything to add or any good requests by simply leaving some comments below and we'll get back to you guys soon! 


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