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November 5, 2015, 1:47 am

In honour of the true champion gamers out there we have rounded up a list of the ten best champion games known to humankind and put them together for you in the handy dandy roundup that you can see below. Strap yourselves in and prepare to be amazed at the all-out amazing line up we have in store for you guys today!


#1 Sports Head Football Championship

Show the world how to be a truly awesome sports champion by playing football in one-on-one super games against the best players in the business! Start by selecting your amazing team and then use your cash to choose which upgrades best suit your style and needs and then, when you’re ready, hit the pitch to play against the other awesome players from the best teams in the English premiership. Go head to head and beat other players in multiplayer battles to score as many goals as you can!


#2 Champions of Chaos

Call on the clans of the epic rebel forces to unite and combine incredible fighting skills in the deadly areas of death! The higher a fighter gets in the tournament ranking the better rank he or she will be assigned in the rebel military forces, so if you fight and win every match to may even become a Grand General in the Rebel Forces and help destroy the Dark Emperor! Select your fighters and travel around the town looking for upgrades and new skills before entering the arena of death to battle against many different enemies! Beat them all to be assigned the rank of general!


#3 Sports Heads Basketball Championship

Move quickly, shoot for the hoop and become the basketball superstar you've always dreamed of being! Choose your allegiance and then get set to take your team on an epic bball experience of a lifetime by taking on challengers in a one-on-one format and defeating all of them by shooting more hoops than the other guy! As a large head your dunking skills are limited but you have fast moves and superior skills that will help you get to the ball and shoot it into the net quicker than other teams, plus at the end of each round you'll be able to upgrade your skills to help you dominate even more - if that's even possible!


#4 The Champions 4 World Domination

Starting from humble beginnings you must select your team and hit the field to prove that they are the best players the world has ever known! Once you've customised your guys and have them looking it's time to enter the toughest tournament in the world and travel to different countries playing awesome sides to see if you can beat them and take home the coveted trophy to prove your kings of the game! Play every aspect of the beautiful game to show pure dominance against the best teams in the world!


#5 Champion Archer

Two stickman nations have been at war for many years, despite having no idea why they are actually fighting. Most of the stickmen aren't very right and can only bludgeon each other with sticks, buy you, you are different, you are the only stickman clever enough to wield a bow and arrow and you're the most valued member of the army. As the awesome stickman archer you must help your soldiers win the war by shooting your arrows into the enemy forces to wipe them all out as quickly as you can!


#6 Champions Of Chaos 2

After your forces rallied to defeat the emperor and were wiped out you decide to scour the world in search of warriors to build an army to take down the evil emperor! As the ambassador of the arena your job is to oversee the death battles and help your two selected warriors keep winning by controlling them in the turn-based battles to strategically defeat all the opponents and ensure they get good ranks in the army tasked with defeating the emperor. Keep fighting until they're all dead!


# 7 Puppet Soccer Champions

Take a nostalgic journey through the realms of the great teams and players, all with strangely familiar names that stoke the imagination. Select your side - from Manchester Underground to Lewercusen - and then choose your equally named players to hit the pitch and play one-on-one battles with some of the best players and teams in the world! Move along the pitch quickly and use the massive heads of the players to gain control of the ball and then shoot awesome goals to amaze the crowds and bring home the trophies! 


#8 ATV Champions

From football championships to awesome ATV action! Grab your ATV and prepare yourself for some all-out crazy and cool action on the amazing tracks! Race round the extreme courses at high speeds to beat all the other racers to the finish line, but more importantly you have to grab the weapons along the way to blow up, shoot and spin out the other competitors! Also, keep collecting the cool coins along the way to upgrade your skills and vehicle after each race to make yourself a truly incredible racer, rivalled by none! 


#9  Hot Dog Champion

Follow us now as the championships get a little more diverse and we move into the amazing world of the hotdog champions! Start by selecting your hungry-looking player and the one you think can gobble the most hot dogs in the least time and then enter the hot dog munching competitions from all areas of the USA and don't stop eating until you win! Upgrade your skills and special powers after each munch off to increase the speed ferocity that your guy can gobble at to eat the competition alive!


#10 World Rally Championship

Become a rally racing superstar and show the world how to really go fast! Select your awesome car and customise it to get everything just exactly how you like and , when you're ready, enter fantastic races from around the globe to test your speedy racing skills against the best drivers in the world! Drive at high speeds through crazy race courses and beat all the other races to the finish line, but beware of nasty racers that may spin you out and pull other dirty tricks to get ahead! 


That's it for our champion round up today and boy has it been fun! We sure hope you've all had a blast reading about and hopefully playing the true classics we've bundled up here for you today. If there's anyone with anything to add or suggest, please leave us some comments in the section below, as usual. 

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