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November 12, 2015, 2:29 am

We have decided to round up a group of awesome Wild West genre games that will blow your mind! Today it's all about sheriffs and their badass adventures in the deserts of America, back in the day. You'll need to save the people, help the lawmen and blast outlaws to pieces at every step! Keep your eye in, aim well and shoot straight because we have a rooting tooting list of quick-fire classics for you today!


#1 Young Sheriff

Become a sheriff in the awesome and crazy Wild West! Your job is to protect that there town from the vermin that try to kill the sheriff and ravage the town! Arm yourself and head into the desert to hunt down and kill the wanted men, before they overrun you and your town laying it to waste! Take the wanted posters for criminals from around the country and hunt them down to kill them all - from indian chiefs to badass gun-toting outlaws - you got to catch them all and bring them to justice!


#2 I Shot The Sheriff

Become an amazing servant of the law and travel the Wild West serving up true justice down the barrel of your powerful guns! Move through the different scenes and test your reflexes and accurate shooting skills by blasting the bad guys to pieces when they pop up trying to shoot you! Move fast and aim true to take down the baddies swiftly, but do not hit the innocent ladies and whatever you do, unlike Bob Marley, don't shoot the sheriff!


#3 Sheriff Rage

Your hero Ted Rage was a no good varmint travelling the country and shooting up everyone and everything he saw, robbing everything he could, but when he rode into the beautiful town of Paradise he met Sheriff Wright who saved his soul and helped him onto the right road again. However, one day outlaws roll into town and kill the sheriff and Ted flies into a rage and swears revenge on whoever did this to his only true friend! Become the rage-filled Ted and defend the town from the evil cowboys by blasting them all down from your vantage, using cool guns and even dynamite! 


#4 Save the Sheriff

In the fantastic little ripper of a game you have to defend the sheriff and the jailhouse from the attacking indians! A gang of Cheyannes have left Tombstone and are heading your way to free their brethren from your jail! You have to defend your structure at all costs, by shooting and blasting the indians down, but also recruiting other members to your posse in the hopes of fighting the feather wearing crazy men to pieces before they kill you all and free the prisoners! Recruit wisely and shoot fast to keep the indians at bay! 


#5 Sheriff Lombardooo

Start your story as a sleepy sheriff dozing away in the office, when all of a sudden a young lad bursts in shouting that the outlaws are coming to rob the bank! You must arm yourself to the teeth and hit the roof of the bank to defend it with all your might! Standing on the roof of the bank you must defend the gold inside by running round and blasting the hell out of the waves of bad guys that all try to mow you down and steal the town's gold! Move quickly and shoot quicker to eliminate each of the baddies before moving on and blasting the next to pieces! 


#6 Sheriff the Revenge

After being booted off the back of the wagon your sheriff is angry and he's looking for revenge at any costs! You must help your lawman dude by moving between the different scenes and blasting the hell out of the baddies before they get the drop on you and take you down! Come out of hiding to aim fast and shoot even faster to eliminate the outlaws quickly, before they shoot your guys down where he stands! Take down all the outlaws and indians to get the maximum points and become a true champion of the Wild West!


#7 Sheriff The Justice

Become the rooting, tooting number 1 sheriff in the Wild West by hitting the trail and hunting down trouble until there's none left! Move strategically along the bottom of the screen while aiming your gun quickly and accurately to blast down all the bad guys in the least shots possible! You're scored on accuracy and general badassness so hit the town and show the outlaws how a true lawman works his magic with his six shooters! Keep on shooting until you're the only man standing!


#8 Amigo Pancho 3: Sheriff Sancho

You amigo Sheriff Sancho needs your help to escape certain death! You must think fast to strategically solve the tricky puzzles to allow Mr. Sancho escape into the air with his hot air balloons! Interact with objects in the environment to allow Mr. Sancho float free high into the air and away from the lethal danger! Move platforms, sand and other objects - and you can even shoot rockets - to allow the plucky sheriff to escape the clutches of the evil baddies and live to fight another day in the hot Mexican sunshine! 


#9 Cowboy Sheriff War

Starting off with just one small saloon you must strategically expand your sheriff's reach by moving troops between the Wild West buildings to conquer more structures and territory until you're in control of a the entire Wild West and you are the law! Wait for the numbers of soldiers in your buildings to reach a strong amount and then send them to fight and take over other buildings and keep expanding to conquer large swathes of the desert and save the people from the outlaws that are wreaking havoc on them! Strategy is the name of the game so think wisely before you make your moves! 


#10 Sheriff

The Sheriff is stuck in an area with many outlaws and he must shoot them all down using the least shots possible to increase the points and become a local legend! Use the environment around the levels to help you in your quest to eliminate the baddies in the least shots possible! Bounce bullets off walls, shootout chains to release big weights and even blast kegs of TNT to to take down all the outlaws as quickly as you possibly can! Blast your way through all 18 levels to return peace to the town and save the people from being ravaged. 


That's all we have for the awesome Sheriff Shooting Game roundup today! It's been a blast! If you have any requests, suggestions or heaven forbid, complaints (!) please leave us some comments below! 


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