The Going Out With a Bang Roundup!

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November 20, 2015, 1:44 am

This will be the last roundup for a while (I know, right!) and so we thought it’d be a groovy idea to round up games that like to go bang, so we can, you know... go out with a bang! There’s a great array of cool games involving giant stickmen to Asian tuk tuks! So grab a drink, sit (far) back and get yourselves in tuned for some crazy and cool games that will take us out with a massive bang!


#1 Stick Bang

In the ancient and fable Stickland there are huge giants that wage furious war with each other and fight to the death in crazy duels! You must become one of the mighty stickman giants and pit yourself against other crazy giants in an effort to fight them all and raise your flag as the one true ruler of the entire Stickland country! Use the myriad of amazing weapons to take turns blasting each other to pieces, until you’re the only giant left standing!


#2 Bang Bang

Head out into the crazy, dangerous and awesome Wild West to test your reflexes and gun-toting skills to the maximum! Grab your six-shooter and roll into town with your gun drawn and start blasting the bottles that fly across the screen, but don’t shoot the cat food or you’ll rile up the feline who will pounce on your face! Blast as many bottles as you can and keep your eye out for the bonus targets that pop up to test your reflexes!


#3 Bomber At War 2

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at flying a fighter jet through enemy skies to carry out vital but deadly missions to save the known world from destruction! Your job is to become a fighter jet pilot and you must speed through enemy skies blasting the hell out of any other jets in wicked and fast dogfights, before continuing on to complete the missions to eliminate enemy structures and troops to take them out of the fight for good! Get some!


#4 Boom Bang

If you’re a big fan of demolition and think you have what it takes to bring down structures then this is the game for you! Work through the badass levels by strategically placing bombs on the structures to demolish them to below the dotted line! You’re on a timer and the least bombs you use will increase points to the max, so think things over before planting explosives and when ready, let it rip! This game’s the bomb!


#5 Bomb It 4

In a world full of robots and explosives you have to prove you're the bomb by tactically running around the mazes and strategically placing bombs to blast through obstacles, collect cool bonuses and disintegrate your enemies! Become a key player in the game of tactical bombing by showing your opponents the exit by blasting them to kingdom come! The bonuses and vortexes are amazing fun too, so take the time to explore both to see how they can help your cool little robot dude become a truly explosive champion! 


#6 Bomber at War

In the heat of the second world war things got pretty intense and the fate of humanity hung in the balance! It's into this heat that you fly to embark on crazy and deadly missions, fraught with danger, but essential to win the war! Jump into your cool bomber aircraft and cruise the skies while hunting for your targets that you must bomb into the stone age! Inevitable you'll be engaged by other fighters on the way so be prepared to get involved in skirmishes and blast the hell out of enemy aircraft, boats, troops and anything else that attacks you! 


#7 Bomb It 7

The badass Bomb It series is back for another explosive installment of awesome but deadly fun! You must become an awesome robot and you can start by customizing it so you're kitted out in great clothes, before heading out into the tricky mazes to use cool bombs to hunt down and eliminate your robotic opponents! Strategically place bombs around the levels to blast through things and set up dodgy traps to explode the other cool robots that are all trying their best to blast you to pieces! 


#8 Angry Birds Bomb

The dastardly and annoyed birds are back but this time they're here on an explosive adventure that will blow you away! Tactically place bombs around the screen to blow up the structures and send the nasty green pigs flying into the air! Create utter destruction by placing bombs strategically for maximum destruction and effect. Get the green pigs out of view in the least shots possible to maximise your points and become the Angry Birds Bomb champion, envy of all your friends. 


#9 Bomb It 3

Bring it on in the deadly-cool and blasting Bomb It 3! This time you can select your player from the array of warriors and then hit the levels to cause maximum destruction and wreak crazy havoc! Starting with a mega mallet you must smash your way around the board in search of other cool weapons, like grenade, bombs, laser and much, much more! Be the one to eliminate all of your opponents to become the champion and make it on to the next level alive! Blast them all and keep blasting to become the number 1! 


#10 Crash Boom Bang

The object of this classic game is to bring down all the stacks of blocks using the least moves possible! Use the individual qualities of Crash, Boom and Bang to take the big and colourful blocks and send them flying off of the platforms! Bring down the house in this wicked game of strategy and skill by amazing your friends and showing them who's the boss of those evil blocks! Keep on blasting and remember you can easily reset levels to start from scratch and start the fun again! 


That's all we have time for today - and possibly for a long time! As always it has been a blast researching and writing these up for you, if you've got anything at all to add or contribute then please just shoot us a message using the handy dandy comments feature below. Take care gamers, and we'll keep things up this end to maintain the quality gaming experience that you've all come to love. 


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