10 Tower Defense Masterpieces

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July 24, 2014, 4:56 pm

When it comes to games to keep your brain active, tower defence games are an excellent choice! With this in mind, we figured the best thing for us to do would be to select 10 of the best tower defence games on HAG for your gaming pleasure. So, get yourselves ready for some extremely awesome tower defence games, and let us know if you have anything to add!


#1 Kingdom Rush

When you start a list of the ten best, it is always good to begin strong! Welcome to Kingdom Rush, an awesome example of tower defence gaming and a huge hit at the HAG office! The goal is to build defensive structures to stop the enemies from passing and overrunning your kingdom! Different to most tower defence games is that you can deploy troops onto the board, which makes it a little more fun!


#2 GemCraft Labyrinth

Does the monotony of everyday life get you down from time to time? Well, it did for the character of this game, until everything changed suddenly! Monsters start to appear at the town gates and you need to upgrade your gems to help keep them at bay. Place the gems on the defensive structures to eliminate the monsters before they get to the gates!


#3 Cursed Treasure - Level Pack

Classic tower defence fun with our next game: Cursed Treasure. There are 3 types of terrain, on which you can build different types of defensive structures to blast the attacking enemies to pieces. Just remember to build your structures strategically to be victorious! Happy defending!


#4 Minecraft Tower Defense

Minecraft is back, but this time in a tower defence format! You start with a clean field and you must first mine your way through it to your house and create the route that the attackers must follow. You then must build strategic defences along the route to kill all of the attacking monsters before they reach your house!


#5 Canyon Defense

Some more classic tower defence gaming for store in this game! You need to strategically place your defences along the route of the attacking enemies, but be warned they come by air too! You must build up a formidable defence to stop the bad guys getting passed. Good luck!


#6 Castle Defense Upgraded

We’re going waay back, back to medieval times with this one!  You got to defend your castle at all costs and stop the hordes of attacking beasts in their tracks! Build typically awesome medieval warfare weapons to kill your attackers and prevent them from taking over the castle!


#7 Airport Tower Defense

Security at airports has always been hard to get through, especially in this day and age! Your airport is no different; you must stop unwanted aircraft from simply landing without permission! Build defences to stop unwanted aircraft from landing at your airport by blasting them to pieces. Time to turn the tides of airport security!


#8 Steampunk Tower Defense

Steampunk is really gaining momentum of late, with their style popping up all over the place! This time they are here as a tower defence game, no less. This is slightly different, and some may superior (!), to your average tower defence game. You must defend your central tower by stocking it up with defensive guns to blast the attacking forces to pieces before they overrun you!


#9 Penguins Attack 3

Those pesky penguins are back again and this time they mean business!  Set up your defensive structures along the route of the menacing penguins to stop them passing and generally causing mayhem among your people. With great power comes great responsibility, now kill those birds!


#10 Stark Tower Defense

Of all the super heroes, Tony Stark must have the biggest empire and as such the most to defend!  You missions, should you choose to accept it, is to defend Stark Tower from the hordes of attacking bad guys intent on bringing it down to the ground! Place your super hero friends on the tops of tall building to stop the attackers before they reach Tony’s tower!


Boom! That’s it for the tower defence madness roundup today!  What a serious bunch of games we found for you, hey? Let us know if you have any tips on other games or just anything to say at all by leaving some comments for us below. We sure do love to hear from you guys!


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