10 Sure-Shot Sniper Games

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July 27, 2014, 10:45 am

Sniper games always hold a special place in most gamers’ hearts. The pinpoint accuracy and nerves of steel needed to pull of relentless headshots is hard to achieve. If you have ever fancied yourself as a dead shot sniper, now is the chance to prove you worth! Welcome to HAG’s round of the 10 best sniper games available.


#1 Rooftop Sniper

Every fancied yourself as a true sniper? Well, in this game you’ll need to defend your rooftop at all costs from the attacking hordes of stickmen! Blast them all down one at a time to stop them from attacking your building and eventually bringing it down with you still on the roof. Happy hunting!


#2 The Gunman: Sniper

Test you reaction speed and accuracy in this quick-fire moving target sniper game. Battles for the HAG high scores in the office are fierce for this game and the top spot is truly hard to get! Move your aim quickly between the moving targets and shoot the required amount to progress through each level.


#3 Modern Sniper Zero

The only thing equal to sniper games are zombie games… this game takes things up a few notches as it involves sharp shooting zombies! Protect the uninfected VIPs by picking off the undead before they munch through Very Important brains!


#4 Sniper Assassin 2

Truly an awesome sniper assassin game, and with a very slick soundtrack to boot! You follow the story of Shawn Davidson, a government agent hired to kill a drug lord. His mission was cut short, however, when he arrived home to find his family killed. You must take on hits and work your way to avenge his family’s death!


#5 Panda Sniper

If you like pandas then boy this could well be a bear of a game for you! Your black and white bear friend keeps getting himself into wild situations and you need to help him out by performing sharp shooting tasks to free him from cages, traps and general mayhem. Take a deep breath and start shooting!


#6 Harbor Sniper

The military train their snipers well, so being a sharp shooter in the armed forces is truly an achievement. Be an elite military sniper and take on special missions down at the harbour to help your troops move around safely. From shooting mines to poisoning diners- this game has it all!


#7 Kill The Japanese Nazi

The Nazis are back, but this time it’s their Japanese contingent! Make WW2 newspaper headlines by picking off the Japanese Nazis one-by-one with pin point accuracy. Just remember a headshot is worth more in points and respect in the headlines too!


#8 Jail Sniper

Imagine being a guard in a terrorist detention facility and having to stop the detainees escaping at all costs. It must be a tough job, but boy is it important! In this great little game you have to pick off the terrorists trying to escape the maximum security facility and stop them from escaping!


#9 Sniper Tower Defender

Perched on top of the tower at your base, you goal is to stop the attacking hordes of enemies in their tracks, before they reach the tower and kill you. There are big enemies, little enemies and enemies that come in tanks! Keep your gun trained and your clip full!


#10 Panda: Tactical Sniper 2

The second in this awesome series of tactical sniping games is no let down! You have to solve the puzzles to bust the bears out of tight spots. The only tools you have are your sniper rifle and a walkie talkie, so check out each level and figure out hos best to help the bears before you start shooting!


That about does it for the sharp shooting sure fire roundup of the ten best sniper games on HAG. Remember to leave us a comment below if you have anything to add or mention, because we love hearing back from you guys!


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