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August 3, 2014, 3:26 am

I am sure everyone has dreams of flying at some point in their life, even if it’s just in an airplane! In the roundup of HAG’s ten best flying games we’ll explore many genres, eras and types of aircraft. Whether you prefer to fly in airplanes, or shopping carts, we've got your back! So strap in and chocks away because we are off on a flying adventure!


#1 Skies of War

Hone your piloting skills deep in enemy country during the Second World War. You job is to take on missions and fly through the skies blasting targets and enemies to pieces. It being the war you also have to get involved with spreading the word and dropping propaganda leaflets to demoralise enemy troops.


#2 TU 95

Flying is not as easy as it seems and you must prove your worth in this excellent little flight simulator. The name of the game is to get from A to B, in a somewhat beaten up old Russian airplane, without killing the passengers. It’s more difficult than you would think controlling to old TU-95 aircraft, but hang in there and you'll get it!


#3 Flight

Everyone knows that the best way to send a message to Santa in this day and age is by writing it on a piece of paper, making a paper airplane out of it and then throwing it out of the window so it flies all the way to the North Pole! You goal in this wonderful little winter game is to throw modified paper airplanes and make them go as far as possible.


#4 Potty Racers 3

Although strictly not an airplane, the humble potty sure does fly! The name of the game is to modify your potty with numerous upgrades and then shoot down a hill and off a ramp to see how far and how many bonuses you can collect! You might want to invest in some landing gear so your pilot can survive the landing… or not!


#5 Dogfight 2

Nothing beats an epic aerial dogfight and this game does not disappoint! Test your mettle in this slick-looking First World War fighter pilot game! In each level you will have a new mission that you'll have to complete to progress, and boy do they get tough! Good luck and I hope you eye is in Old Bean!


#5 Uphill Rush 6

Although technically not a flying game, Uphill Rush 6 has its fair share of free flying mayhem! You aim is to win the races by pulling off huge mid-air tricks, collecting cash and getting to the finish line in time. Its great fun and hard to walk away from!


#7 Skies of War Extended

Flying is great, but flying during a war is much more of a rush! In this wonderful little winner of a game, you must fly through enemy skies taking out all attackers, enemy buildings and take on secret missions to ensure that your side dominates the skies! Chocks away and good luck old chap!


#8 TU-46

The second in the fantastic flight simulator style game does not disappoint. The aim is to pilot an ageing Russian passenger plane between different airports and avoid crashing at all costs! During take-off, flight and landing you'll need to keep your eye on varying different knobs and dials to ensure everyone stays alive!


#9 Shopping Cart Hero 3

As far as aircraft go there is none better than a shopping cart, which is obviously a well-known fact. In this youthful classic you need to push your shopping cart down a steep hill and then jump it off a ramp to see how far you can make it fly! The bonus with playing it as a game, as opposed to real life, is that it doesn’t hurt so much!


#10 Potty Racers 2 - Latest Stage

The last in today’s list is another potty racing fun title! Again the aim is to modify your potty in your own unique style, run it down a big hill and fly it as far as possible off the massive jump! So, toilet seats in their upright position, tissues in holders, and let’s gets cracking!


That’s it for the roundup of fantastic flying games available on HAG. Keep us posted on any comments you have regarding any other flying games that you think should be on this list, or maybe even some of the games above you think should not be on the list! We love to hear from you guys so keep the comments flying in!


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