10 Badass Beat ‘Em Ups

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August 7, 2014, 4:45 pm

When it comes to letting off steam nothings tops putting yourself in a virtual environment and beating the crap out of something or someone, just make sure you are in a game not out in the real world! For the ultimate list of badass beat ‘em ups offered on HAG stick with us because we'll be exploring 10 of the best the world has to offer.


#1 Mike Shadow I Paid for it

If you are feeling frustrated and like the world is ganging up on you then you're in the same place as Mike Shadow. He has put his money into a harmless looking vending machine only to be ripped off! Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to kick the vending machine to pieces, using awesome Kung Fu styles and badass weapons, to get your money back!


#2 Electric Man 2

This guy is so up for it he is actually electrified! You job is to enter the arena and get stuck in beating up all the opponents, but fear not, you electrified fighter has some formidable skills and once you have mastered them, you will be unstoppable! So, take the training, master the skills and beat the living hell out of everything!


#3 Super Smash Flash

Ever feel like you want to fight one of the more classic arcade characters? Well, now’s your chance! In this awesome little game you will need to select your character and then fight your way through duels with all the classic arcade characters to victory! Are you ready? Fight!


#4 Combat Tournament

This one is a fast-paced true HAG office classic! After you select your character, you are thrown into an arena with an angry opponent and have to stand your ground or be defeated! Think fast and fight quicker or they’ll get the better of you!


#5 Madness Interactive

In a world gone mad, often the only way to survive is to go mad yourself… Your objective in this game is to punch, stab and shoot your way through hordes of crazed locals with all manner of weapons, all hell-bent on attacking and killing you. From old to young men, with walking sticks or jetpack, you must kill them all!


#6 Interactive Buddy

Technically you don't have to beat anything up in this game, but I have a feeling you'll eventually want to! You start by creating a character in a style of your choosing and then you can interact with him/her in a manner you deem fit. You can either be incredibly nice and play tickles, or you can blast guns, generally beat them up, or even toss babies at him/her. The choice is yours!


#7 Dad n Me

Pushy parents are always the worst, but what if your parent was pushing you to do bad instead of good…? That’s exactly what the dad in this game is teaching his child to do! Your aim is to wonder through the playgrounds bashing the other kids into submission to please the evil wishes of your father.


#8 Super Fighters Rampage

Stickmen sure do put a good fight, and they are so up for it! In this slick-looking, fast-paced and awesome beat ‘em up stick man game, you have to choose your character and then head into the arena to defeat your opponent by any means necessary, and we mean any means! Keep fighting and beat all the characters for victory!


#9 King of Fighters WING - NEW VERSION 2

In terms of beat ‘em ups, you simply can’t beat the classic and the Street Fighter format and style which this game offers, is definitely a true classic. Select one of the classic or new characters and head into an epic fight. You goal is to defeat all the opponents and achieve overall victory!


#10 Hobo 5 - Space Brawls

Everyone loves a bit of hobo fighting, and the fact that this is the fifth in the series of hobo fighting games proves it! This time the lovable but nasty street dweller is back, but in space! Your goal is to beat the green out of all your alien captors and fight your way back to your beloved cardboard city.


That’s about we have for you today, and it wraps up the Badass Beat ‘em Up list of games. We've had great fun creating the list, just as much as we hope you have had reading it! Let us know your thoughts, fears or screams of anguish by leaving some comments below.


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