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August 11, 2014, 3:16 am

Instead of mindless violence some people prefer to test the brains by solving puzzles and figuring ways out of particular problems, and we here at HAG thoroughly enjoy puzzle games too! This is why we have pulled together 10 of the best puzzle games HAG has to offer for your gaming pleasure.


#1 Dummy Never Fails

Ever wanted to be a crash test dummy? Well, we have one better! In this game you get to fire crash test dummy around the screen to hit the target and solve the puzzle. It’s not as easy as it seems though, and you'll need to give it some thought before blasting in there gung-ho.


#2 Rails of War

Model trains are great and all, but they rarely shoot and blast things to pieces! In this game you must control a train as it goes along the tracks, by selecting the tracks to go on and avoiding coming off the rails! Oh, and you also have a badass mounted gun that you'll need to blast all enemies to pieces with!


#3 Crush the Castle 2

Every young kid’s dream is to travel medieval lands crushing castles with awesome catapults and other assorted weapons. In this game you need to do just that! Work from castle to castle breaking their defences and killing the kings inside!


#4 Blosics 2 Level Pack

Smashing down towers of blocks is always extremely satisfying, especially when you can launch as many projectiles at them as you like! The name of this game is to shoot the varying size balls at the towers of green block, blasting them off of the platforms as quickly as possible.


#5 Ricochet Kills 2

When shooting bullets in confined spaces it’s always best to think about where they'll bounce! This game is all about precision shooting while considering where the shot will; go after the first, second, third or fourth ricochet. The goal is to solve the puzzles by bouncing your shots around the screen and killing all the secret agents.


#6 The Impossible Quiz 2

Quiz nights can often be a little boring and sometimes somewhat predictable, which is exactly where this quiz differs! This is a HAG office party classic! You need to work through the quiz answering each of the unorthodox questions to get through to the next round in as little time as possible!


#7 Doodle God

In the beginning there was God, and he set upon creating the earth, starting with the 4 elements. He then got a little bored with his creating and decided to play with the elements to create other new things. In this game you play the divine creator and must combine the 4 elements to create all manner of new earthly objects and beings!


#8 Building Demolisher

Smashing down a house can be quite a puzzling task at times. First you need to decide what demolitions to use and then you need to figure out how to deploy them most efficiently. In this awesome little game you goal is to demolish the houses with the least moves possible. Get your hardhat on and start swinging those wrecking balls!


#9 The World's Hardest Game

When a game says it is the hardest game in the world it must truly be a challenge, and this game is no different! You goal, should you choose to accept it, is to navigate your red square through the puzzles to the other side, while avoiding the other moving objects. Keep your wits about you and think before you move!


#10 Dummy Never Fails 2: Community

When a game gets a remake, you know it’s a winner! The second in the Dummy Never Fails series is definitely a one to behold! The gameplay is similar to the first but the dummies have been revamped with different styles and characters. The aim is to hit the targets by shooting the crash test dummies at them from the launching gun!


That’s unfortunately it for this ten best roundup! I hope you enjoying it and the games aren't too puzzling ;) As always, we love to hear from you all, so leave us a comment below if you have any input, suggestions or general screams of anguish.

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