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August 14, 2014, 3:50 am

Biking of all kinds seems to be getting more popular the world over right now, everywhere I go there seems to be people riding all manner of bikes. From mountain bikes to motorbikes, it’s all the rage! With this in mind, we thought it would be the perfect time to round up 10 of the best berserk biking games available to man. So, put your helmet on (optional!) and get peddling!


#1 Stickman Freeride

This is a sweet little biking game, and a true HAG office favourite. The aim is to guide your stickman mountain biker down through the course and pull as many awesome tricks as possible along the way. The faster you go and the better the tricks the higher the score!


#2 CycloManiacs

When it comes to riding, bike racing is where it is at! In this action-packed rip-roaring game, you need to race a true mix of characters, from robots to Elvis, over lots of different terrain, collecting bonuses and points from tricks along the way. Just remember the main aim is to win, so keep your eye on that prize!


#3 Uphill Rush 3

When considering riding, rarely are rooftops considered as appropriate terrain, which is why we love this extreme game so much! Although not strictly a bike riding only game, as there are options for riding horses and skateboards too, it is a good example of a badass riding game and one we are sure you'll love!


#4 CycloManiacs Epic1

The CycloManiacs are back and this time they've gone turbo nuclear! Race the classic characters over totally new terrain and destroy your opponents by winning the race and pulling much better tricks than they ever could in their wildest dreams!


#5 Neon Rider

Do you remember the amazing light bikes from the all-time classic movie Tron? If not you must’ve been living in a cave! Now’s your chance to ride one of the fantastic light bikes through Tron-style terrain, pulling off crazy jumps and tricks along the way to score high and win the tournament.


#6 Stunt Dirt Bike

Those crazy dirt bikers are always pulling off mad manoeuvres, and the guys in this game are no exception! The name of the game is to select your vehicle and then ride it over the extreme terrain on the various courses. The faster you make it to the finish line the better you are!


#7 Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Backyard stunt men are what made America great, and Kick Buttowski is just the latest in a long line of awesome thrill seekers. Your aim, if you choose to be awesome, is to help young Kick over the terrain and pull off the best tricks that he can possibly do!


#8 Motorcycle Tycoon

As the name suggests, this game is not only about the racing, but also the building and maintaining of an awesome fleet of motorcycles. Your goal is to become a motorcycle tycoon, hiring riders, mechanics and entering bikes to win races. Once you have entered 4 bikes into a race and won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions you'll be considered a true tycoon.


#9 Stickman Dirtbike

That badass stickman is back, this time on a dirtbike! If you are feeling extreme and like the idea of a challenge then this is the game for you! You need to start by choosing your bike, upgrading it and then taking for the extreme ride of a lifetime down the sides of mountains!


#10 TG Motocross 3

If there’s one thing cooler than mountain biking, it would have to be motocross! This is the awesome TG Motocross 3 and is a true legend in the bike gaming community, and indeed the HAG office! Your goal is to ride a fast motocross bike over truly extreme terrain mastering seemingly impossible tricks over incredible bottomless pits!


That’s it for the berserk biking games roundup! We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did researching the games for this exceptional list. As always leave us some comments below, if you dare because we love to hear back from you guys!


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