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August 17, 2014, 11:01 am

Everyone loves that whacky, but iconic Italian plumber, Mario! His character has spawned a myriad of different games in all manner of different styles and formats. In fact, I'd say with his dashing moustache, he has created a whole genre of his own! With this considered we have packaged up the 10 best Mario games available on the internet to present them to you in the handy dandy list below!


#1 Super Mario 63

Mario is in Mushroom Kingdom and needs your help to rescue the princess from the evil grips of Bowser! To help you along the way you can stop to talk to the Toads and gather vital information on the task at hand, but the main goal is to jump around, navigate over and under obstacles to collect gold coins and progress through the levels.


#2 Super Mario Crossover 2

This is truly in the style of the classic Mario game, but with one big difference... other huge gaming characters come to join you in your quest! From Megaman to Link from Zelda, they're all there waiting to help you vanquish your enemies! So, what are you waiting for, get going and remember to collect as many coins as possible!


#3 Super Mario Flash v3

A true classic should really be accessible in every way possible, and that’s what we aimed to do by presenting you the original Super Mario game, so you can play right on your computer at any time you wish! Aren't we the best? Work through the entire original game, navigating each level, collecting coins while avoiding the enemies to eventually save the princess!


#4 Mario Remix Boss Edition

Often us gamers are an impatient lot, and sometimes just want to skip the levels and just fight the big bosses! That’s where this game comes into its own, as your goal is to take out each of the end of level bosses from some of the world’s most famous games without being killed! Good luck to the plucky plumber, good luck.


#5 Super Mario Crossover

With only his brother Luigi to keep him company, we have often thought Mario might get a little lonely, which must be why the creators of this game decided to add lots of different famous characters to choose from! Work through the classic Mario game but this time choose from a big selection of famous characters and use their special skills to get you through the difficult levels.


#6 Super Mario Flash 2

If games had lookalikes, this would be the original game’s doppelganger! As far as we can tell this is pretty much exactly the same as the original Mario game and it is every bit as awesome! Work your way through the classic game jumping on enemies and collecting coins, just as if you were playing the original game!


#7 Mario Combat

In my mind, Mario has always been quite a pleasant and easy going chap, but that has all changed now! In this game your objective is help Mario punch and kick his way through a fiery world of Bowser’s armies to save Princess Peaches from certain death! Who knows, maybe soon Mario will have his own style of kung fu!


#8 Super Mario World Flash 2

HAG have only gone and done it again! We've brought another all-time classic game and made it super easy to play on your computer, by simply just opening your browser! Play the magnificent Super Mario World 2 in all its entirety, right from the comfort of your internet browser!


#9 Mario and Friends: Tower Defense

It’s nice to spice things up and that’s why we've thrown in a different twist on the Mario style games with this Mario tower defence game. Your goal is to place your defensive troops strategically along the path of the attacking enemies to stop them in their tracks and prevent them from reaching the castle where the princess is!


#10 Super Mario Sunshine 64

The last in this list of the Mario mashup is by far the least! More Mario madness as usual but this time he has a jetpack that shoots water out to make him float! The main goal remains the same but the tools you have at your disposal are a little different, and more awesome! Kill the enemies, collect the coins and save that princess!


Guys, it’s been a pleasure as always! We just hope you had as much fun reading as we had researching and playing the games! If you've got something to contribute, don’t hesitate to leave us a message below. We would love to hear back from you guys!


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