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August 21, 2014, 5:17 pm

In what we hope to be an ongoing feature in our games roundups, we'll review what’s available from specific game developers, starting with the awesome Crazy Monkey Games. These guys have put out some truly epic games over the years and we will round up the ten best games from them, available on HAG. Prepare yourself for some larger-than-life Crazy Monkey Games action!


#1 Pandemic 2

What with the current Ebola crisis in Africa, this game is especially relevant! Your mission is to choose a disease and help it spread around the world from continent to continent infecting and eventual infect the entire population of the world! A bit evil, but good fun!


#2 Thing Thing Arena

Being the absolute mega classic that this series of games is, it is bound to feature heavy in a roundup of the best games from this developer. You are setting out in this game and your sole aim is to survive as long as possible without your many attackers killing you! Arm yourself, take aim and start blasting everyone and everything to pieces!


#3 Boxhead - The Zombie Wars

Our dear friend Boxhead is back once again, but this time he is on a mission to kill brain eating ZOMBIES!  Select your battlefield arena and then work through each stage killing all of the zombies before the next wave comes in search of your brains! Happy hunting!


#4 Crazy Flasher 4

Andy Law is back and he’s in more than a spot of bother! In each level of this game he faces a new and unique challenge that you must help him figure his way out of, by killing all his enemies and then solving the puzzles. You'll start off with just a knife but soon start picking up more badass weapons!


#5 Thing Thing Arena 2

Back for a second round, The Thing is rocking and rolling for a fight! While innocently working away at your desk you are rudely interrupted by a crack team of Special Forces who blow down the door and attack you. You're left with no option to blast the living hell out of everything you come across and live for as long as possible!


#6 Shadez 3: Moon Miner

Ever wondered if there is life on the moon? Well, now’s your opportunity to go to the moon, mine for fuel and destroy any hostile alien life you find! Hostile life on the moon generally seems to be aliens trying to mine for the same minerals that you are, and so they count as your competition and must be taken down! Good luck, and remember you're fighting for the entire humankind!


#7 Boxhead The Nightmare

Another game in the infamous Boxhead series and this is another sure-fire classic! First you need to select your character, and there are a lot to choose from! Once you've chosen you'll then need to move into your battle arena and clear it of all the brain munching zombies! All in there are 12 different fighting arenas and each one needs clearing of zombies. So, what are you waiting for?


#8 Thing Thing Arena 3

The third in the awesome The Thing series is up next and it is far from a let-down! After being rudely interrupted at work by people storming your building with guns and grenades, you must grab a weapon and start fighting! The objective is simply to last as long as possible by killing all of your assailants.


#9 Zombie Horde 3

In the first 2 games of this mega series you had to defend your base in the zombie infested woods, but in this game you are rescued by a team of soldiers. However, they crash the rescue car and all die, leaving you to head into town to try and figure a way out of this mess. Make your way to the first checkpoint to load up with weapons and gain your bearings, after that you're on your own!


#10 Thing Thing 4

As The Thing is clearly one of the best games put out by Crazy Monkey Games, of course it has to feature heavily in our roundup today! The 4th in the series allows you to search for the long awaited answers that you've been after! The gameplay is the same winning format, but this time you can upgrade your character to become the absolute best killing machine possible! Lock and load!


That’s it for the first games developer roundup, and the definite best that Crazy Monkey Games has to offer! Keep us posted if you have any input, whether it be suggestions, pointers or general screams of anguish! We sure do love to hear from you guys and value your opinions.


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