10 Brilliant Bird's-Eye View Racing Games

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August 25, 2014, 8:49 am

When racing we like to feel in control and what better way than viewing the action from a bird’s-eye view! It gives the ability to control the car easily and see distant obstacles with enough time to react in an awesome manner. So, get ready to hover above the action and race vehicles to glorious and victorious finishes!


#1 Mad Trucker 2

It’s always best to start these roundups with a bang and that’s why we chose the truck driving game where you have to race against oncoming traffic and blast them with rockets! Get in your awesome truck to drive it as far and as fast as you possibly can. If you hit a spot of bother just start launching badass rockets to get you out!


#2 King of Drift

One of the main advantages when driving from a bird’s-eye view is that the art of drifting becomes a little easier. In this game your aim is to drift as much as possible around tracks, while keeping your eye on the finish line. You get points for both winning and drifting so don't forget to engage drift!


#3 High Speed Chase 2

This is one high-octane rapid racing game that simply could not be missed! You goal is to race through city streets in an amazing car and destroy the target cars by either ramming them or shooting them with missiles! There are helicopters out to help you in the chase and they'll light up the target cars clearly so you know when to take them out. Strap up and good luck.


#4 Road Wolves

Racing in scrapyards with the beaten up old cars is always going to be fun, but even more so when the cars you get to race are really fast and have weapons to take out opponents!  Granted this game has a bug to prevent progression from the first level but we find the first level so good we thought it definitely earned its place. Whizz around scrapyards at breakneck speeds in beat up but fast cars!


#5 Offroaders

While not strictly a total bird’s-eye view, it is still from waaay above and totally awesome! Me and my friends absolutely loved the monster trucks at the fair, and so when we found this game we could barely contain ourselves! The goal is to race big monster trucks around the tracks, hitting amazing jumps and whooshing up nitro along the way! Please the crowds by getting air time and winning races to progress.


#6 Thunder Cars

American car racing is a true spectacle and the stock car racing scene is probably the best! In this game your aim is to race an amazing stock car against others and work your way through the pack to amaze the crowd and win the trophies! Slingshot, engaged!


#7 Freeway Fury

Combining aerial acrobatics with driving will always produce fantastic results, and perhaps that is why this game is so badass! Driving down busy freeways your goal is to keep going for as long as you can, but you also have the option to get on to the roof of your car, jump onto other roofs, kick the drivers out and take control of their cars to help keep the mission going! Reckless but fun!


#8 18 Wheels Driver 3

Those truck drivers always look cool in their huge cabs, rolling around the country. Anything that has 18 wheels is always going to be amazing in my book! In this game, your goal is to pick up an 18 wheeler and take it on jobs, driving around the city, picking up and dropping off loads. There’s just 1 thing to remember: Don’t crash!


#9 Sim Taxi

Making a successful taxi driver requires many traits: questionable odour, annoying conversation, bad taste in radio and of course, awesome driving skills! Your job in this game is to pick up passengers and take them to their destinations while tending to their musical needs along the way, and obviously avoiding any crashes! Taxi!


#10 Crash N Smash Derby

Wow, nothing beats a stressful day like crashing and smashing up junkyard cars! This is an awesome boredom beater of a game and one we strongly recommend. The aim is to smash all the other cars to pieces and knock them out before they bash your car into submission! So, seatbelts on and brace for impact!


That’s a wrap on the bird’s-eye view racing game madness! It’s always a pleasure writing these roundups for you guys. We hope you appreciate them as much as we enjoy writing and researching them. We'll be back soon with some more treats for your gaming pleasure, but until then do leave us some comments below if you feel the urge!


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