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August 29, 2014, 5:01 pm

With all the fighting in the world, we think it is best that any energy spent waging war should be online with imaginary foe! With this in mind, we decided to roundup 10 wild war games available on HAG. So, it’s time to get your general’s hat on and prepare yourself to command and conquer, because we are about to explore the wonderful and glorious art of waging war!


#1 Endless War 1, 2 & 3

Thrown into the thick of the battlefield would you be able to fight or freeze up? Well, now’s your chance to find out, because this game thrusts you into full-blown gun battles and you have to start shooting to fight off the attacking forces or be shot! Prepare yourself for war because it is coming whether you like it or not!

#2 Warfare 1944

The last righteous war waged in the true name of good against evil, was in my mind, WW2. In this game you must choose your side and then do battle against 1945’s best forces by deploying your troops strategically on the battlefield to eliminate the opposing forces.


#3 World War 2: The Sniper

Sometimes the most powerful weapon is one soldier with a sniper rifle, and we need you to be that soldier! Your goal, as an elite sniper, is to pick off the opposing forces from your special vantage point, high above the action. Be quick to find and eliminate the attacking snipers, though, because you're not immune from sniper fire yourself!


#4 Stick War 2: Order Empire

The second in the series of Stick War is definitely the best! After the successful wars of the first game you need to start fighting again to quell the new rebellion! You need to take control of the Stick Lands to command the miners to work, and warriors to conquer enemy terrain! Chin up, my dear stick companion and let’s get the war off to the right start!


#5 Warlords 2: Rise of Demons

Ever wanted to be a warlord on command of your own army of Special Forces? Well, in this game you get exactly that! Choose from humans or elves and strategically deploy your forces on the field of battle to vanquish your enemies and conquer their lands! The spoils of war to the victor!


#6 Warfare 1917

Do you have what it takes to be a leader? If you think so, this game will test your mettle and put you through the motions! You must use your strategic genius to deploy your troops into battle at just the right time to defeat the opposing armies with ease! Stick it to them and don't give up an inch!


#7 Warlands

 You can't beat a good old medieval war game!  After your peaceful nation was sneakily attacked by the 2 surrounding forces, you and your remaining army need to strategically roam the lands warring on people you meet and killing all that oppose you! Your eventual goal is to win back the lands lost and regain respect for your fallen king!


#8 Shadez 2

If you had a direct conflict of interests with aliens, what would you do? KILL THEM! In this game you need to strategically build structures and an army to compete for the best ore mining, and obviously, to eventually wipe out all alien competition! “Man up” and get after them!


#9 Age of Defense 3

All’s fair in love and war, as they say, but this game can get a little one-sided! You must battle through the ages of man and defeat all the different warriors you encounter. Judging the distance to the enemy, the type of enemy and their ferocity, you must select and deploy the correct troops to gain victory!


#10 Mud And Blood 2.2.7

With a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield you must send your men into battle and upgrade their weapons so that they can fight off the Germans and win the war! You have to be quick on your toes and deploy artillery and lots of other weapons into the fight. Good luck old chap, and give those Jerries hell!


Thanks for taking the time to read through the wonderful list of wild war games, guys! It’s been a pleasure writing and researching it and we hope you will enjoy playing all the games also. As always, leave us some comments below if you have anything to add.


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