The Stupendous Stickman Games Roundup

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August 31, 2014, 9:18 am

Everyone loves a good stickman game; it’s just in our nature to want to destroy stickman worlds by any means. For this reason we thought it best to round up the 10 tip top best stickman games and serve them to you in our latest games round up, with a cherry on top! So stick (!) back, relax and enjoy as we go on a journey through the wonderful world of stickman destruction.  


#1 Stick Wars 1.3

When going into battle it’s always best to be in a leader’s role, to command troops instead of getting too involved in the fighting and having to deal with pesky issue of being killed! In this awesome game you must command your stickmen troops to do battle in various lands to conquer the entire world of Immorta. Spoils to the victor!


#2 Stick Dude Killing Arena

As the baddest of the bad, super awesome stickman killer, you must beat, slice or shoot all who oppose you! Your task is to make it through each of the puzzling levels and kill all the evil attackers along the way. It’s time to hone your badass fighting skills, are you ready?


#3 Stickman Tower Defense

When stickmen turn bad you have to defend yourself! In this game you need to stop the attacking evil stickmen by strategically placing your defending stick warriors along their path. Your goal is to stop the evil stick men from getting through None shall pass!


#4 Stick RPG Complete

Help your character do whatever it takes to improve his net worth, after he gets stuck in a dimension between asleep and fully awake. The main benefit of this new dimension is that there are no consequences! So, get stuck in and cause some mayhem with absolutely no repercussions!


#5 Stick War 2: Order Empire

Stick Wars is back and this time it is slicker and more full-on than ever! You enemies from the first stick war have recovered and are threatening your empire. You must stand your ground and defend your statue at all costs! Deploy your stickman troops into the field of battle to defeat and crush the attacking enemies!


#6 Sarens

Not a fan of stickmen? Well, excellent, as this game involves killing them! Defend your town from waves of attacking stickmen. You can either knock them out with your wand or cast some dastardly magic on them! Happy squishing!


#7 Agent B10 3

If you're looking to be a badass stickman then look no further! In this game you are the stickman Agent B10. He is a retired hit man, who has had a hit put on him! Your goal is to take on jobs to earn cash and take out the people that put a hit on you!


#8 Stickman Mountain Board

Stickmen are awesome and well-suited to the world of extreme downhill mountain boarding! First, select your badass mountain board and course then fly down mountains pulling off crazy tricks to earn points. Gnarly, dude.


#9 Super Fighters Rampage

Nothing beats a one on one equal stickman fight, mano-a-mano! In this absolutely beautiful looking game, you'll first need to select your favourite out of 9 different fighters and then do battle with your opponent to the bitter end. Visualise the win and be the last stickman standing!


#10 Stickman Freeride

Ever wanted to try extreme mountain biking but been too scared to let loose? Well, do we have a game for you! You start by selecting the best mountain bike known to stickman kind and then you ride that bad boy down mountains, pulling awe-inspiring tricks to amaze the crowds.


That’s it for the stickman games roundup! It’s always a pleasure, never a chore writing these top ten lists for HAG. The sheer quality of the games available on the site makes it so easy to find good games, but often hard to pick the best! If you have anything to add don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! 


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