The Hardest Games Hacked - Part 1

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February 11, 2014, 3:50 am

I'm sure at some point in your gaming career you have come across certain games that are very challenging... or...IMPOSSIBLE to complete!. Some game developers for various reasons make certain stages of a game very hard to get passed. Whether they purposely make it harder so you end up having to purchase upgrades to complete the level, or they stand by their ego and dislike their game being completed too easily. Whatever the reasons may be, here at hacked arcade games we take a look at the hardest games we have hacked to bring you the pleasure of beating that final boss, that was once upon a time Mr. Invincible.


The Games...


Monsters den Chronicles Hacked

After a 2 year wait, the long awaited sequel finally arrives, Monsters Den Chronicles is back with even eerier music, a bunch of hardcore characters that any RPG would be proud of. Start off with 4 diverse characters and lead them through the paths to Riftstorm Keep. As you start each level, only a small part of the path is visible, all other areas are submerged. To view all paths you can press the hack key [S] to make all paths viewable.  Enemies block certain paths and must be defeated to gain experience points, pressing the key hack [E] will auto add experience points to your characters, whilst pressing [C] will clear all enemies from the level.

A challenging way of playing the game is with just 1 solo character instead of the default 4. Of course you will need the hacks maxed out to do this, and if anyone manages to do it solo without any hacks used then please let us know :)

Commando 2 Hacked

Many have compared Commando 2 to the great neo geo arcade game metal slug. But both games have another thing in common, they are pretty hard games to complete! So we thought what the hell.. unlimited  lives, health, ammo and weapons. Is there anything else you could ask for?

When you start the game you will see you health slowly reach 0, don't be alarmed this is all part of the hack.

Let us know how you get on with the death swamp level, even with the hack it;s pretty challenging :)

Some users have also  been reporting that when they die, by falling off a ledge etc they cannot respawn.  A tip for when playing the game; When you die and can't respawn, right-click and choose 'restart from checkpoint'.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Hacked

The sequel to one of the most popular Tower Defense games, kingdom rush frontiers boasts much more, in fact some users are saying it's a lot harder to get into. This sequel requires even more of a strategic mind to get passed some of later levels within the game. So we have decided to add some hacks to the game to make it much more fun and less frustrating for those that cannot defeat the final boss Umbra.

the hacks:

Key Hacks : [3] - Toggle Lives [4] - Hero Points [5] - Toggle Low Health Enemies [6] - Game Gold [7] - Toggle Special. Clicking on Twister & FB icons on level selection screen you get full update points.

To get the upgrade stars click on the arrow at the top of the screen and go Like on Facebook or follow on Twitter and when you go back to the page just close the window with the Facebook and Twitter signs and go into the upgrade room and your stars will be there.

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