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June 23, 2014, 5:29 am

It has been said that the best defence is a good offence, which does stand true for gaming, especially in the realm of defence games! For you, our dedicated followers, we have rounded up of the ten best defence games that Hacked has to offer. So, batten down the hatches, lock the doors and take up your arms, because  we’ll be defending ground to the last man, against all manner of beasts in this installment.


#1 The Last Stand

When starting a list of good games, it is always best to start strong and what better game than this classic. This awesome game is all about defending your base from waves of attacking zombies, during the long nights of a zombie apocolypse. The vital daylight times are spent time by allocating each hour to building defenses, finding weapons and recruiting other survivors.

#2 Black Navy War 2

The second installment of Black Navy is here and it is amazing fun. You goal is to defend your naval base by building defenses, deploying ships, fighter jets and submarines to vanquish your enemy. Amassing a formidable force quickly is adviasble because your opponents will waste no time in trying to wipe you out before you can strike them.

#3 Nob War: The Elves

Control an army of elves wisely to eliminate your foe. The elf warriors are strong and very battle-hardened but their main strength lies in archery so be sure you use this to your advantage. To help you  win the wars you can also summon groups of humans to fight along side your elf warriors. So, choose your mauvuers wisely, give the orders and let the elves do your bidding!

#4 Age of Defense

This epically designed game is seriously fun and good-looking. Set in days of waaaay gone by, your aim is to stop the attacking beasts from reaching and destroying your base by throwing rocks, shooting arrows and blasting them to pieces with awesome guns! So, keep your eyes on the ground and to the sky while shooting anything that moves!

#5 Stick Blender

We here at HAG love to have fun with games and this one really gets the office crowds going. The goal is to stop the attacking stickmen by encapsulating them in bubbles and then pushing them into the huge and imposing blender. Although quite devillish it’s really good fun, so what are you waiting for? Start blending up stickmen now!

#6 Defend Your Nuts

If there’s one thing that squirrles like it’s nuts! They are crazy about them and do not take too kindly to anyone trying to steal them, especially skeleton warriors! Help the vigilante squirrle by blasting all the wold be nut thieves to bits before they get through your defenses.

#7 Palisade Guardian 2

Hone your rifleman skills by picking off each and every attacker with pin point accuracy. Your goal is to once again defend the pallisade from the waves of attacking soldiers. So, pick up your weapon and start mowing down the opposing soldiers before they destroy the pallisade!

#8 Radio Zed

During a zombie apocolypse getting information out to the people is essntial and having a working radio tower would be the best way. Your objective in this game is to defend Radio Zed’s HQ, which also happens to be a bar, from wave after wave of brain munchers. Pick up a gun, take aim and start shooting!

#9 Bunny Invasion 2

The psycopathic bunnies are back and they mean business! As most people are aware bunny poo is highly corrosive and if they throw enough of it at the bar walls they’ll easily gain entry and kill your drinking buddies. Save your fellow drinkers inside the pub from the waves of attacking killer bunnies by blasting the furry devils to smithereens. Prepare yourself for a full blown bunny invasion!

#10 The Last Stand 2

I’d like this entry to go out with a bang, so will end on the second installment of the office favourite, Last Stand. In this sequel you need to work your way around the city killing hordes of zombies, looking for survivors and trying to keep your brain from being eaten!  Happy hunting!


As always, we truly value your input and if you have something to say or a game to suggest, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below as we would love to hear what you have to say.


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