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December 22, 2014, 3:06 am

Today we'll be rounding up 10 of the best games from the mighty Nextplay games. These guys have been putting out amazing games for many years now and we're sure you've heard of them, as they are well known on the gamers’ circuit – and rightly so! Sit back relax and get ready to witness one of the best games on the internet!


#1 GunBot

On his quest of awesomeness Gunbot, a robot stuck in the Wild West with giant lizards carrying weapons and lots of other monsters, has to fight his way through all his enemies to find their big boss, Grankomaeu and destroy him and everything he stands for! Get involved with this excellent platform game and blast your way to victory!


#2 Berzerk Ball

When frustrated it is always good to release tension in a way that suits you best and we always find that taking a baseball bat and smacking a fat geek as far as possible works really well! Choose your character and bat then head out into the field of battle to take aim and blast the geek as far as he can possibly fly! Show the geek no mercy!


#3 Teelonians: The Clan Wars

Stopping the advance of a stronger civilization is always going to be tough, especially when you need a good commander. Help the Teelonians defend their civilization by showing them true leadership and commanding their armies during battle. They need a commander and you are it! Control the battlefield, deploying troops strategically to overwhelm and destroy the enemy.


#4 Tractor Mania

Tractors are pretty cool machines, they can tow huge loads, work the lands, look cool and... RACE! Choose your tractor, customize it then take it out on the streets to race against the clock! As it’s a tractor it is only fair that there be an extra load to tow, so you need to race as fast as possible over rough terrain towing heavy loads.


#5 Rock and War

When the Earth’s natural resources are depleted the only real option is to head out into space to find a new source of energy. The only problem with space is that there are aliens! Travel to distant planets looking for resources and kill any resistance by deploying your troops strategically onto the battlefield.


#6 NY Rex

What in the world can authorities do if a T-rex gets loose! Be that dinosaur and break out to roam the streets of New York killing and smashing everything you see! To progress through the levels you have to eat all the humans, so get munching!


#7 LA Rex

That crazy T-rex is back again, but this time in the tropical and awesome city of LA! Things are a little trickier this time because the police are after you and you have to eat them before they shoot you down! Get out onto the mean streets of LA and eat all the policemen before they blast you to pieces!


#8 Airborne Wars 2

Being a commander of troops in a war is a big responsibility, you have to show courage, skill and strategy to overcome your enemies. Get involved in the biggest war to date by deploying your troops to different locations and eventually into battle to overwhelm and destroy your enemies!


#9 Fly Squirrel Fly 2

Not all squirrels like to stay in trees – some like to fly! In this awesome little game you must launch your little squirrel buddy from a catapult on a tree and send him as far as you possibly can, right up into the skies! The further you go the more bonuses you collect and the more points you get!


#10 Tank Mania

When it comes to vehicles, tanks rule! They are tough, fast, and strong and even have guns! What better than a tank to tow a nuke through hostile towns, blasting the hell out of everything in your way and driving over the remains! Climb into your tank and ready yourself for destruction of the highest order, just make sure you don’t blow up the nuke along the way!


That’s it for the round up of the ten best from Nextplay Games. I'm sure you'll all agree that they truly are an awesome developer and one to keep a close eye on in the future. As always guys, feel free to leave us some comments below if you have anything to add. We do love to hear from you all!


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