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December 25, 2014, 3:18 am

When it comes to fighting games, nothing beats being thrust into an arena and left to fight your way through hordes of enemies, using any and all means at your disposal. The list you've all been waiting for the Awesome Arena Games roundup is here and boy do we have a list for you today, so sit back and prepare yourself for a journey through different fighting styles and arenas all with one aim: victory!


#1 Thing Thing Arena 3

Being thrust into an arena with crazed loonies all armed to the teeth doesn't sound like much fun for most people, unless you're the Thing Thing! Jump into the Arena of Death and fight your way through the hordes of crazily armed guys all hell-bent on wiping you off the face of the earth. Arm up and get to it!


#2 Siegius Arena

In wars of ancient times, there were true warriors that controlled legions of soldiers and led them to victory! You were a mighty Centurion in the Dacian wars, betrayed by his troops and sent to jail for a crime you did not commit. Now, as a Gladiator, you must fight opponents in the arena and kill as many as possible to earn your victory and gain revenge on those who wronged you.


#3 Monster Arena

In days of old monsters were treated as vicious animals, feared and killed for sport. But now, people have learned to live alongside monsters, even keeping them as pets and taking them out for walks around the city. They are still strong, though, and make very good fighters, so your job is to choose your monster, train it up and then set it into the arena to fight and kill all the other fighter monsters!


#4 Chrome Wars Arena

If you have to go into the arena to fight it is best to train up a robot and send it in to do your dirty work, after all they can be rebuilt! Select your robot, customise it and then train it up to fight and kill all opponents in the arena. Take your plucky robot from zero to hero by working your way up through the ranks by making money and buying upgrades to destroy any and all who stand in front of it!


#5 Stick Dude Killing Arena

When in an arena and forced to fight, you must fight well and stay tough to the end, but sometimes there is more to making your way out than just fighting, sometimes you must use your brain. Work your way through a myriad of different puzzles by killing adversaries and thinking of ways to solve the mysteries. Keep your sword sharp but your brain sharper!


#6 Thing Thing Arena 2

Thing Thing is back and this time it means business, truly. Select your character, customise him and then head into battle to fend off hordes and hordes of evil attacking robots, before they kill you! The second in the Thing Thing series really delivers on the action, so keep up and keep shooting or you won’t make it through the day!


#7 Siegius Arena Hack #2

During the Dacian wars a truly mighty Centurion leads his army into battle against an enemy with 10 times as many troops and wins! However, after the battle his troops stab him in the back and send him to prison for a crime he did not commit! After being forced into fighting, you must learn quickly and fight your way to victory, killing every single one of your opponents in the arena. Amaze the crowds and be victorious to gain revenge!


#8 Thing Thing Arena

Fighting against men is one thing but how about choosing your opponents and fighting anything from robots to zombies! The original arena game is here and it has always been a true classic! Select your character, customise him, choose your arena and then choose who you want to fight. Get thrust into the arena and fight your way through as many enemies as you can before being inevitably overwhelmed and killed!


#9 Mecha Arena

In the future most humans will do their fighting from the safety of a control room with a robot out on the battlefield, blasting through enemies. In this awesome little game you must start by training up your robot to become super strong and fast then take him into the arena to fight and destroy other robots. The more fights you win, the more upgrades you can buy and the better your robot can destroy his opponents!


#10 Avatar Arena

In ancient times there were different clans loyal to different aspect of life. In this amazing game you must select your allegiance, then choose your character and customise the fellow just to your liking. Once everything is just how you like it is off to do battle with members of rival clans. Kill them all to progress through the next fight in the next arena. Good luck!


That’s all we have time for today! We truly hope you've enjoyed the journey through the different awesome arena games, just as much as we did researching for the list! As always, leave us some comments below if you have anything at all to add.


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