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December 28, 2014, 8:18 am

In honour of it being Christmas time, we thought it would be good to have a roundup of the 10 best Santa games available to the world of man. So, prepare yourselves and get set for the Santa game roundup to end all round ups! We have evil elves, snowmen and lots of zombies, pretty much everything you'd expect from HAG in your stockings!


#1 Santa Kills Zombies

Santa is usually busy making presents and delivering them to all the good boys and girls, but this year there’s a bit of a problem… ZOMBIES! Santa is stuck on top of his winter home and must defend it from the waves of attacking brain munchers. Select your weapon, upgrade it and then go out to start killing zombies one by one!


#2 Santa Kills Zombies 2

Santa Kills Zombies is back and better than ever before! This time Santa has barricaded himself in and is stuck in a winter zombieland killing wave after wave of mean zombies. Arm up and head out into the snow to defend Santa from the evil brain munching zombies, by blasting them all to pieces before they reach the barricade.


#3 Super Santa Kicker

As if poor old Santa doesn't have a hard enough job flying around the world going down chimneys to deliver presents, now his reindeer kick him from his sleigh into the holes! Skilfully aim and kick Santa into the waiting chimneys but be aware of his surroundings because you need to use everything around him to solve some of the puzzles.


#4 Kids Vs Santa

While sneaking around a house looking to deliver some presents to good boys and girls, Santa’s mobile phone rings awakening the… naughty kids! Santa drops everything to escape the crowd of naughty kids all desperate to get revenge on him for their lack of presents! Help Santa shoot the naughty kids and prevent them from reaching his sleigh!


#5 Rocket Santa

It’s Christmas Eve 2019 and there is an alien war raging on the moon. Santa takes it upon himself to make sure all the people up there get presents to help them beat the aliens! Your job is to pilot Santa up into the sky, right up to the moon to help him deliver the gifts. Start by earning some money and then upgrading your rocket to get you all the way to the moon!


#6 SantaVille

When he’s not delivering presents Santa has to make sure his elves are all happy and content, after all a happy workforce is a good workforce! Help Santa create wonderful places for the elves to live, work and play! The key is to build structures that are easily accessible so the elves can roam freely and work hard!


#7 Santas Battlefield

Santa has been thrust into a crazy battlefield with loads of monsters and you must help him shoot his way out before he’s torn to pieces! Get into the arena and help Santa blast all the monsters to bits before they get close to him and kill him! The future of Christmas rests in your hands.


#8 Rocket Santa 2

When one of Santa’s annoying little elves accidentally blasts all the presents into oblivion, it’s all on Santa to go and save as many as possible by flying up through the stratosphere on his rocket. Help pilot Santa on his rocket up through the skies, collecting bonuses and presents along the way. The more money you can earn the more upgrades you can buy and the further you can go!


#9 Santa's Shoot Out

Santa is usually very happy and relaxed in his winter wonderland, but something has gone horribly wrong; the elves have turned to evil robots and snowmen are armed to their teeth, ready to kill you! Help Santa defend himself and his lands by shooting and killing all the attacking enemies before they kill you!


#10 Santa vs Elf Zombies

The elves has been bitten and turned into zombies! Help Santa solve the puzzles to bounce bullets off all the surfaces and kill all the elf zombies before they turn the winter wonderland into a winter nightmare! Use all the tools around you to help solve the puzzles and kill the elves!


That’s it for out Santa game roundup today! We hope you've had a great Christmas and that your New Year is spectacular. If you've got anything to add at all, don't hesitate to leave us some comments below.


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