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December 31, 2014, 3:31 am

Nothing beats a party, especially a New Year’s party! In honour of the New Year’s parties that are planned for tonight, we thought it would be great to round up the 10 best party-oriented games available on HAG. So, grab some party poppers, drink and good vibes and get ready for the final games roundup of 2014! PARTY!


#1 Farm Frenzy Pizza Party

Making pizzas is always great fun, but it’s great to get down to the basics and truly start from scratch for the best pizza in the world! In this awesome little game you must manage your farm well by tending to your animals and selling or buying stock to eventually make the best pizzas known to man so that you can have a pizza party! Rock on!


#2 Naughty Pool Party

When it comes to parties, rocking out by the pool simply cannot be beaten! The best thing about pool parties is the hot chicks in skimpy bikinis looking amazing. Your task is to wind up the girls by doing cheeky things to scare them or get them wet and hopefully make them remove their clothes! The fate of humanity is in your hands, so party on!


#3 Back to Alien Party

Being stuck on a foreign planet with no friends and not even any one of the same species would be really tough, especially if you were even a different colour as the natives! Your main goal would be to get back home ASAP. In this game you are an alien stuck on planet earth and your aim is to build a ship to take you home, away from the careless humans! Make money to customise your ship and get your little green fellow back home.


#4 Naughty Beach Party

Parties on the sand are always amazing, especially when there are hot ladies in bikinis swanking around! The only problem is that all the toned guys usually get the hot chicks. Your goal at this beach party is to play pranks on the hunky douche bag to ridicule him and make the crowd laugh. You never know, if you keep it up you might even end up with one of the beautiful ladies.


#5 Naughty House Party

Nothing beats a good house party! There’s just so much fun to be had with all the drunk people, it’s unbelievable. You must move things around to play tricks on people and basically cause as much havoc as you possibly can! The more ‘accidents’ you cause the more fun you'll create and the better the party will be!


#6 Obama vs Tea Party

Although not strictly a party game, it’s still loads of fun! Obama is stuck on the White House lawn and is under attack from the crazy Tea party member, who are running up to his barricade and trying to kill him! You must help Obama by moving him around and shooting the evil doers with tea bags from a shotgun! May the tea be with you.


#7 Pico Party Mayhem

Everyone know that Pico’s parties are the bomb! This time it seems like a street party, but there’s a twist, evil menaces are taking his friends hostage and Pico must shoot them all before they hurt any of his friends! Start by selecting your character and then head out onto the streets and blast all the evil guys to pieces before they hurt anyone.


#8 Knife Party

I'll be honest, a ‘knife party’ doesn't sound like that much fun on the surface, but actually playing the game is awesome, albeit a bit gory! Have a one on one knife fights with various opponents. Start by selecting your badass character and then take him into battle to chop up your opponent before he kills you, all to a strangely relaxing soundtrack.


#9 Super Mega Balance Party

Balancing things is a blast, think of jenga but way, way cooler! Stacking things up as high as possible on wobbly or tilted surfaces is a childhood hobby for most of us, I suspect. Carefully drop the different blocks from a high height to try and balance as many as you possibly can before the entire pile falls and breaks on the floor. Choose your stack design wisely to maximise the potential height and stack ‘em up to the clouds!


Girl Pool Party

Girl pool parties are good, but it’s always good fun to turn up with a badass water pistol and blast all the guests while they sit around the pool. Get yourself ready for the pool, grab your water pistol and head down there to shoot all the party goers with the water pistol before they disappear out of view. Surfs up dude!


That’s all we have time for today, so we hope you've enjoyed the party roundup, but mostly we'd like to wish you all a fantastic New Year! Good luck at the party tonight, we are sure you'll all have amazing fun. If you've got anything to add at all, just leave us some messages below. We love to hear from you all, so don't be shy!


Happy New Year!


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