Farewell Xmas Roundup

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January 5, 2015, 9:03 am

With Christmas over and things getting back to normal we thought it would be a good time to look back at all things Xmas one last time, before we take down the decorations and throw away the tree until next year. So get a coffee, put your feet up and get ready for a roundup of Xmas games to bid farewell to Christmas for one more year.


#1 Into Space 3: Xmas Story

After being electrocuted while putting up Christmas lights you're knocked stone unconscious and dragged into a world where aliens have stolen all the Christmas presents and you’ve been enlisted by Elves to help them build a rocket to fly up to the aliens to get the presents back. Construct your rocket and fly it up through the skies to take back the stolen presents from the aliens!


#2 Effing Worms - Xmas

The worms are the scourge of Santa’s Winter Wonderland, as they burrow through the ground and fly out of the earth to eat the elves and animals whenever they want! As the evil worm, your job is to dig through the hard winter soil and jump out at unsuspecting animals to eat them all, eventually your goal is to find and eat Santa! Grubs up!


#3 Sonny 2 Xmas

After waking up on a ship with no memory, a blind man gave him an unknown tape and Sonny must fight his way through the hordes of Christmas zombies to eventually find out what is on the tape! Take Sonny on a journey through strange lands to kill all that get in his way and discover what is on the tape!


#4 Cargo Bridge Xmas Level Pack

The elves need to get across the gaps to pick up the presents and load them into Santa’s sleigh or Christmas will be a huge failure and you’ll be to blame! Help the elves cross the gaps by designing bridges strong enough to withhold their weight and allow them to cross, pick up the presents and return to fill the sleigh.


#5 Feed Us 4 - Xmas Xpension

Nothing says Christmas like a school of hungry, angry piranhas, hell-bent on eating everything they see! As one of the badass piranhas, your job is to munch your way through 10 bloodthirsty missions and get as big as Santa! The more you eat the bigger and meaner the fish gets!


#6 Angry Birds Xmas

Those loveable, yet angry flying creatures are back, but this time for a special Christmas edition. Get set and load the birds into the catapults to fling them out through the levels collecting each and every Christmas present you can see. The more you collect the more money you can keep!


#7 Canoniac Launcher XMAS

Crash test dummies are always good fun, especially when you're armed with a huge cannon and it’s snowing outside! Take your cannon, load up your crash test dummy and blast that guy as far as you possibly can collecting all the bonuses and extra points you can grab along the way. The further you go the more points you get, so go to the shop and upgrade your tools to make him go even more distance.


#8 Feed Us Xmas Xpansion

Those pesky piranhas are back for Christmas and this time they are hungrier than ever! Swim through the winter seas eating as many of Santa’s helpers as you can, devouring them for their blood and then moving onto the next victim, all the while avoiding the fisherman’s grasps.


#9 Gunrox - Xmas Wars

When Santa gets angry he arms himself up and gets right out there in the snow and shoots other Santas! Defend Santa’s Winter Wonderland House by arming and deploying your Santa troops onto the field of battle, just remember to upgrade to new weapons often or your army will be easily defeated.


#10 Xmasocalypse

Naughty kids are the scourge of Santa’s world and he spends most of his waking hours fending them off of the good kids’ presents. Help Santa shoot all of the naughty kids before they make it through his barricade and steal the presents. Arm up and choose your weapons wisely because Santa needs to defend the presents at all costs.

That’s all we have time for today! We hope you've all enjoyed the look back over all things Christmas with fond memories. If any of you have any comments at all don't hesitate to leave us some messages below, as we love to hear from all of you. Until the next time...


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